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Daily life in Ethiopia

Updated on August 22, 2010

We all see pictures on tv related to Africa. They are usually about meaningless wars between weird named countries or famine. Indeed Africa is the poorest and most undeveloped continent though it's cradle of the human kind. Today Africa is second continent regard to population.

Ethiopia is an interesting country in this continent. It has never been colonised unlike other African countries except a 6 year italian rule during times of mussolini at 1930s. Ethiopia has its own time system and calender seven to eight years behind the gregorian calendar. There was communist rule at the country from 1974 to 1991.

Capital of the country is Addis Ababa with a population about three and a half million. About %55 of the population live in slums that are made by what's available like mud and wood. City has one university, a modern airport. There are modern parts in the city. Recently, western style shopping centers are being built. There is a sheraton hotel in AddisAbaba. These two photos are from different parts of Addis Ababa. Scenes in the second photo are much more common.

In the country GNI per capita is 280$. %16 of people live with less than a dollar daily. North of Ethiopia, in Egypt GNI per capita is 1800$. In France it's 42.000$. . %40 of country's economy depends on agriculture, so does %80 of exports and labour force. Despite that agricultural output is low because of low technology. Coffee as it originated in those lands, is country's top export.

Life expectancy is 54 years for men and 56 for women. In Egypt 68 for men and 72 for women. It's 77 years for men and 82 years for women in Germany.

There are totally about 2000 physicians in Somalia, 2.6 per 100.000 people. Poor sanitation and malnutrition are common problems for public health. Nearly half of the rural households can't take the 2200 calories standart of food defined by World Health organisation.

Situation in education is slightly better, %69 of children in urban areas go to primary school.

In the country the only Television broadcast network is state owned Ethiopian TV. A country with a population over 80.000.000 and a single TV channel. There are also a small number of radio stations. Printed media reachs a very small audience.

There are 360.000 internet users at total in country. 15 cell phone exists for every 1000 people in Ethiophia. That number is 789 in France.

Railways in country is very short. Despite the recent building activity roads are short too. Taxis are in blue or white color, and most of them are minibuses operated by two people (one for taking money) and that can carry up to 12 people.

In cities people wear in western style though in rural areas traditional clothing is dominant.

Ethiopia is an underdeveloped country, but it has some unique properties. Though underdeveloped don't think that you'll make journey in time if you go to Ethiopia. Much to see will be poverty and it's the problem of most of the world. In big cities life in ethiopia is not so primitive. There are people using computers and cell phones. In rural areas, as in rural areas of many countries you can have some traditional views though.


Statistics information in this article is obtained from BBC website and wikipedia. Photos are obtained from google search and a thread in the skyscrappercity forum.


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    • profile image

      Tewodros 4 years ago

      1 day we can see real Ethiopia ,

      By any condtion i love Etiopia becouse of she is rich but we r poor ,

      Ethiopians problems r pe............s ..... we must do 4 Ethiopia ........

    • profile image

      anonmous 5 years ago

      life in Ethiopia is too sever, horrible, agony and misry but very few live their life in z lucxurry. And it is

    • profile image

      Gw 6 years ago

      you know all ethiopia millionar or billionar they thife

    • profile image

      La-a 6 years ago


    • easy life profile image

      easy life 6 years ago from africa

      hi there

      i am from ethiopia and i am intersted in writing articles on hubpages for money! and i think that this hub is good! may i know how much u earn from this hub alone? and again from all of ur hubs? does it reach to 300$ per month! please tell me as i am getting very eager to make money here!

      bye thanks

    • profile image

      AJ 6 years ago


    • profile image

      hewan 6 years ago

      wow i like it

    • profile image

      Zoey 6 years ago

      Why are we so interested in a billionare when the majority are poor, live in a way most of us will never have to see. Be more interested in helping the poor, Give to those in need.

    • ofmelancholy profile image

      ofmelancholy 7 years ago

      thank you awle for the comment, ?'ve heard from you ethiopia billionaire, will check it.

    • awle profile image

      Al Aber 7 years ago


      What a nice hub! the gap between the poor and the rich in Ethiopia is enormous. by the way do you know Ethiopia has a billionaire? Check Wikipedia for 'Mohammed Al Amoudi", of course the owner of Sheraton Addis.