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Dare to be True

Updated on June 13, 2010
 A new day, rejoice and be glad.
A new day, rejoice and be glad.

Today is a new day


Dare to be True

 This is your moment; no one else will be interfering with your life. Take a good long look at who you are, are you able to believe in what you say you believe in.

 Do you believe in yourself, in your own agendas, or have you become a clone of someone, something unbelievable. Where has your individualism gone, what has trumped your spirit?

 Want to know who you have become? Look at how you deal with crisis. Do you avoid confrontation for the sake of passiveness, only to find that it has mushroomed and now looms over us? If we withdraw from the world around us, never displaying what makes us unique and is our passion, have we not signed our own death warrant?

 Do we know just how close each of us is to insanity or death? Every waking hour of every day, I could dwell on just this point alone and never live the life that was intended for me. This is not about bashing myself, nor is it about pointing out fault; this is merely stating we have so much more we could do with our lives.

 I am proposing a personal challenge, this challenge has no one way to reach it, it’s goal and the goal is only to allow ourselves to be honest about where/who we are and where we are going. I have found my calling, or so I think I have and that is part of the beauty. Allow yourself to try new things, make mistakes; don’t be ashamed if you stumble. Whose life is this, yours or …

 Do not give up on yourself; make your life worth living by being true to yourself.

 Genuine; pure; real; not counterfeit, adulterated or false; the truth shall set us free, by being true to thyself.


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