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The Soul is Dark Energy

Updated on July 26, 2020
Michael Reichelt profile image

Abstract artist and theorist. B.A. Psychology U.W. 1999 Using Hubpages to make my thoughts eternal. All possibilities deserve consideration.

The Big Infinite

The 3rd dimension is just a construct for the soul.

A continuation of Soul Theory and The Big Infinite:

After nearly 20 years I had a revelation of sorts. I thought if the soul exist, and the universe is infinite, which came first? The chicken or the egg, but on a far more cosmologic scale. Soul Theory postulates how a soul can exist based on consciousness. The Big Infinite expands on how the Big Bang is a reoccurring explosion. I guess I always struggled trying to figure out how these two concepts existed in the same reality. Einstein gave us the tools to complete the next step.

General relativity, yes, E=mc2. A beautiful complex yet simple equation. In cosmology most of your imagination can be satiated or explained with gravitation attraction. The idea that as matter approaches the speed of light, it somehow transforms into energy itself. This is fundamental law or concept in so many larger concepts.

In 1999 I tried to explain how E=mc2 explains how a soul could exist. Put simply: If your soul is energy, then it needs no mass. More complicated explanation gives each soul an address assigned by your unique wavelength signature. Each living soul would have a unique frequency. The soul is just energy, and your body is the 3rd dimensional home for it. Without making it too complicated lets just say the Soul is simply a unique energy signature. The 4th dimension can house a soul for eternity. A boundless, timeless, sea of energy. Energy that can no longer be physically manifested in the 3rd dimension. Maybe this is the Dark Energy thought to exist along with Dark Matter. Dark Energy flowing all around us at all times a single dimension from our grasp, but always there.

Ironically, also in 1999, I postulated that the Big Bang can’t be a singular event. If all of creation only occurs one time, then there is an end. When space is always described as infinite, how can existence have a beginning and an end? It is considered fact that the known universe is expanding, and increasing in speed. As this speed increases general relativity dictates that mass becomes more energy like. Eventually all mass will become energy as it fly’s away from the creation point. The other way mass will return to this creation point, is with the aid of black holes. Thinking of this as only one system, just repeating, over and over is how I dreamed it back then.

Dark Energy is a concept that has sparked how I conceptualize both Soul Theory and the Big Infinite. In a system that lets both concepts thrive, Dark Energy fills those holes. If a soul is actually Dark Energy, then, the body is just a 3rd dimensional home for that soul. If Dark Energy exist all around us, at all times, and is the home to all souls no longer living: then you have created a giant rabbit hole. To slow down this rabbit hole, let’s just stay at the surface; souls are Dark Energy.

Dark Matter is what happens to anything that falls into a black hole. To think of Dark Matter as a 3rd dimensional concept we fall short in explaining how so much mass can occupy so little space. Where does all the matter go? How can you have multiple black holes, all consisting of so much mass, or gravitational attraction? I like to think of Dark Matter and Dark Energy like a block of Swiss cheese. All the holes being the Dark Matter, and the rest being the Energy. This is the next dimension. The 4th dimension is the energy dimension. The energy flows throughout, but in some area’s it’s created by these portals of matter (Black Holes) from our dimension. Like a Sun, radiating Dark Energy all around. When the concentration becomes too much, or the system can no longer balance its self, the result is another Big Bang.

Religion and science appear to be on complete opposite spectrums. Evolution versus creation. I could never understand why both can’t exist at the same time. They are not as far apart as I thought my whole life. What came first, the Soul, or the Universe? What if the Soul, or the dark energy it creates, is responsible for the Big Bang? If Dark Matter triggered the Big Bang, and Dark Matter is just the concentration of Dark Energy, then the Soul is responsible for the Universe. On the other hand, if Dark Energy is a byproduct of a Big Bang, then the soul only exist because of the Big Bang.

In conclusion, the Big Infinite and Soul Theory combine to this postulation of The Eternal Soul. The idea that an individual has a unique address or energy signature that occupies either a 3rd dimensional body, or is floating around in the 4th dimension, maybe as Dark Energy. The Big Infinite explains how through consolidation of mass, the Big Bang can happen over and over again. Combining both of these idea’s paints the 4th dimension as the glue that makes everything possible.

Michael Reichelt

Amateur Artist and Theorist

© 2020 Michael Reichelt


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