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Daydreaming Can Lead To Very Important Inventions

Updated on July 20, 2011

Do you remember when you were a kid and wished that there was an easier way to get the chores done that you had been asked to do? Do you remember washing dishes wishing that you had a dishwasher? Do you remember what your mom and dad told you when you said that? They likely said something like, “I have 4 perfectly working good dishwashers here”, referring to you and your siblings.

Many inventions have come about as a result of the daydreams of children who wanted to make life better for their children. I am sure that the dishwasher was invented because some kid was so sick of doing dishes that he/she vowed to find some way of making a machine that would wash the dishes on its own rather than kids having to do dishes ever again. That dream came to life one day, perhaps long after the passing of the kid whose dream it was.

Many inventions come about as the result of the aimless daydreaming of some child wanting to get out of the hard work that they have been commissioned to do by their parents. The farm is a great example of where this likely took place.

On the farm there was a lot of manual labor. There is still a lot of manual labor on the farm, but there is far less than there used to be thanks to the daydreams of children who simply did not want to do their work.

Many inventions have graced many farms over the years. Perhaps one of the most important of all of those was the invention of the vacuum pump. If you consider the places where a vacuum pump is used on the farm it is easy to see why this invention is one of the most important.

First, think about the many places where water must get to on a farm. It is important to watering crops and the livestock of the farm. Without water in the right places at the right times, the crops would die and so would the animals, leaving the farmer with nothing to sell to make money. On the flip side of that the rest of would also suffer from a lack of the crops and livestock that we use to nourish ourselves.

In the “olden” days of farming there was a lot of manual labor used to move water to where it needed to be as well as long hours to get it all done. It was not an easy thing and all of the family was involved to make sure that the farm was able to produce the products necessary to make enough money for the family to survive on.

The invention of the vacuum pump, particularly of therotary vacuum pump, was an important piece in the revolution of the farming community and the ability to produce more with less help and farms overall.

One of the places where the vacuum pump has been very appreciated by the children of farmers is in the milking systems used in farms today. It used to be that the cows needed to be milked each and every morning and night. It was a chore that needed to be done very early in the morning so that the farmers could do more important things throughout the day.

Another place where the vacuum pump is of a great help to the farmers is in the watering of the crops. It is hard to imagine large farms still having to manually move the water up and down the rows. The farmers would not be able to produce near as much as they do today. The vacuum pump has been a blessing to the farming industry.

Another industry that the vacuum pump benefitted was pool industry. Public swimming pools rely on rotary vacuum pumps every day. Therotary vacuum pumpin a swimming pool keeps water moving from the pool to several filters and a heater and then back into the pool. Without these pumps it would be impossible to keep the public pools without simply draining them and refilling them every day or two.

The car industry has also benefitted from the invention of the vacuum pump. On a car, there are a lot of vacuum pumps. One of the main ones that you will find on a car is the fuel pump. The fuel pump sucks fuel from the gas tank and then sends it through the line to the front of the car where it enters the engine.

The inventions over the years that have come about have been very beneficial in many cases. So much of what we enjoy today is the result of the daydreaming of the people many moons ago. It is hard to determine just how valuable a child’s daydream may be someday. Many times as parents we get after our kids when they are daydreaming. Part of that is a result of the pace of our society today. Ironically, the pace of our society has a lot to do with the daydreaming of the children from decades ago. If this society is going to continue to progress then we need to allow our children to be children and to daydream at times the things that they would like to invent to make their lives easier. Much of what they think about is a bunch of naïve nonsense that would not be good for them. However, some of their ideas could be the next invention that makes life easier for everyone along with progressing the human race into a more complex and more sophisticated society that is capable of doing things that we cannot presently do.

The next time that you see your child daydreaming, remember to let them be kids and do some of that. Of course, it needs to be done within reason and should be kept to appropriate times when it does not interfere with their school work or other important times when they should be thinking or doing other things. This means that as a parent we need to make sure that our children have some free time and that their life is not a web of scheduled events.


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