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Diamond Dazzle And Moonstone Mystery, One Of The Twelve Stones Of Aaron's Breastplate.

Updated on December 15, 2012

Diamond That Dazzles.

According to the King James version of the Bible, diamond is the 6th stone listed on the Breast plate of Aaron, the High Priest. Originating from the Greek word "adamao", which means, I subdue or I tame, the diamond is the hardest stone in existence. Today, we use the root word, "adamao", to mean unbreakable and of hard substance. It takes another diamond to polish a diamond! In Hinduism, there are 14 names for this precious gem. One name stands out among the others, "Agira", meaning fire of the sun, for this stone on Aaron's Breastplate does dazzle and satisfies the eye.

Also known as the King of Crystals, the diamond was first unearthed in India and for the first 1000 years was the only known source. To the Sanskirt, this gem was known as "vajra", meaning thunderbolt and "indraydha", referring to the weapon of a warrior god known as Indra. It was not until the late 19th century that the diamond sources increased. In 1870s, there was a discovery of huge deposits in South Africa. Adding to the supply was also the French Crown Jewels, which were sold in 1887. Today, outside of Antarctica and Europe, there are 25 countries, all over the world, who mine for diamonds.

To the Chinese, the diamond was first used in their jade knives for carving ornamental jewelry and other industrial uses. In 868 AD, there was discovered some old Chinese text in the Mogao Caves. In the Surta, from this resource called Diamond Sutra, the title refers to not only the diamond itself, but to the diamond blade that will cut through worldly illusion to illuminate what is real and everlasting.

There are some unusual beliefs of where this gem came from. According to Pluto, the gems were fermentation's of the stars and the kernel of the diamond was made of gold, always leading to the veins of gold on earth. This belief stemmed from the fact that wherever diamonds were mined, there was always gold nearby, however, those gold deposits were always small. According the the Greek myths, Zeus was disturb one day by some youths. For punishment of disturbing his slumber, he turned the youths into glittery diamonds.

Besides being the gift for 60th anniversary and the birthstone for April, it is also said to possess supernatural powers, when worn bound to the left arm, for victory in battle. This beautiful stone represents peace, innocence, fidelity and serenity. Her colors vary from clear to sooty black and all colors in between, however, red, green, purple and blue are the rarest.

In the healing aspect, the diamond is best used on the 7th Chakra, bringing the mind and body into balance. Wearing those stone is said to give clarity and solutions to problems. It improves energy and endurance as well as bringing calm, peace, and purity to the body.



Moonstone And Its Mystery.

There are recorded documents, that reference diamonds only as far back as 400 BC, however, the Priestly Breastplate dates back to at least 1200 BC. So this leads one to rethink the diamond as one of the twelve stones of Aaron's Breastplate. Looking back to the Torah, the 6th stone listed is the illustrious white moonstone. Though semi precious, this stone can illuminate just as well as the diamond.

This smokey shimmering stone can be found from pale grey to white with blue hues. Unlike the diamond, this stone is soft and fragile. As moonstone adularia, it is mined in Sri Lanka, Burma, Madagascar and India. As moonstone aibite, a feldspar group, it is mined in Canada and United States and is more clear in color than the other.

Moonstone is the most sacred stone in India. It is never displayed unless on a sacred color of yellow cloth. To India, this is known as the dream stone. The wearer, especially during the full moon, will have dreams of his future. To the early Greeks, this enlightening stone was associated with lunar deities like Achelois, Phoebe, Artemis, Selene and Hecate. The Orients believed the stone came from rays of moonlight solidified and that a good spirit lived inside. This stone was well honored in the ancient times and was often called moon pebbles.

As the birthstone of April, June, August and October, the moonstone is also assigned to the zodiac of Cancer and in the olden days, associated with Sagittarius. It is also the gift for the 13th anniversary. With this stone's relationship to the starry heavens, it is heavily connected to the moon and the goddess Diana.

This glowing gem is believed to bring good fortune and to arose tender passion when shared between lovers. It is associated with mysteries, dreams and fertility. This beauty can enhance intuition, create inspiration and offers protection to both the land and the sea. Besides being an excellent self meditating stone, it also carries healing properties for the pineal gland and balancing the hormones. Best used on the Chakra points of the third eye and the crown for opening up the emotional self.

Rather it is the King James version or the Torah, either stone is notable of its spot on the Priestly breastplate. Diamond or moonstone represents well, one of the tribes of Israel, as one of the twelve stones of Aaron's Breastplate. They both glimmer and shimmer and dance with the light creating colors of the rainbow. Though the diamond may go by the name of Crystal Lightening, Splinters of Stars or Tears of God and the moonstone believed to be filled with pearly mystery from the milk of the moon, both are worthy of praise!


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    • backporchstories profile image

      backporchstories 5 years ago from Kentucky

      You are welcome. I have had so much fun researching all the stones from the High Priest Breastplate.

    • ALL4JESUS profile image

      ALL4JESUS 5 years ago from USA

      Beautiful! Sharon Osbourne created a moonstone set of jewelry and she was inspired by a gift from her daughter Kelly. Kelly had given her a moonstone ring. Moonstone like druzy is so under appreciated - thank you for showcasing this beautiful stone with the diamond.