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Deal with School Bullying

Updated on February 13, 2013
Not just penguins that get 'double teamed'
Not just penguins that get 'double teamed'

How to deal with repetitive incidents

I recently saw a car driver beeping the passive car in front for ages until the car stopped. The angry driver got out and shouting angrily at the passive driver about some near miss that had nothing to do with him anyway. The passive driver kept looking at the road not making eye contact with the power hungry man who'd chased him down. And after he finished what he was saying he got back in his car and drove off.
What schooling system and parental attitudes bring up a society like this; are we animals? Do we need an alpha male/female "top dog"? I would have been straight on the phone to the Police feeling Angry man was disturbing the peace, I nearly did as is, but it felt like 'nothing to do with me'. But surely, either angry man should've reported it, or maintained absolute politeness as he confronted the passive driver.
As is it became an avenue to vent out.

Schools can be rife with bullying. Some kids not only have no intention of learning themselves, but seem hell bent on disrupting things for others. There should be special classes within the school for them and special teacher training with body guards if necessary. Where among those willing to learn, those who show the most willingness, not necessarily aptitude should get the teachers most able to convey the subject/s they teach.

Looking back at school, it feels like I was sinking in quick sand or concrete or something, and while I did my best to cry out for help, and people were arround, my cries were drowned out by the machine pumping out all the concrete, or people didn't want to risk getting pulled in with me.

Schools cover it up!

It reminds me of the policeman on The Simpsons, "Nothing to see hear! -Move away people.", while all hell breaks loose.

The first point of contact is the head teacher, in senior schools this might be a head of year. If things persist ask to see the deputy head. Always keep records of everything that is happening in a safe place. For the simple reason that a school, if allowed to, will let such things go on so long that eventually no-one can remember when it started. And the school is threatening the authorities like the 'school board man' on the victims family for truancy. When of course if you were scared to go somewhere would you go, if you could help it?

A Member of parliament may be able to help. The most useless parent won't take any effective steps as they are scared to cause a fuss, this causes more problems for the victim and ultimately themself. The child will lose respect for them having become disilussioned with their parents as supreme beings that can and will help them effectively in any crisis. (Or help them to help themselves)

Eventually I was moved class. Which for awhile seemed better, except it just brought me into contact with such things as not being accepted. Peers felt I'd been given special treatment, and the teacher had had to take their favorite out due to class size -as he was considered a bullying risk. But not being accepted was better than outright bullying. So until things changed for saubjects in upper school, I had a bit of a break, except the new 'form' /class was the top competitor for attendance against another form. As I still had much to worry about, including outside the school I wasn't sleeping at all well; which meant I couldn't get out of bed in a morning. This wasn't helped by shouting and bawling which just further alienated me from the family unit. And over time I would lewss and less want to take part etc.

Early on, I'd asked for a change of school. This I repeated early in upper school life. The option my mother would give was always The worst one. I took the best of two evils. Somehow my mum had prevented me from asking/telling him what school I wanted, it was an inconvenience for bus fares. Though surely this is worth it for the sake of a child's peace of mind, and surely a ghappy or happier child would have less sleep problems, kept awake through worry, and an over active imagination which is born of trying to work out how to get out of dangerous and unhealthy situations when the most obvious answers are taken away -Tortured Genius!!!


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  • days leaper profile imageAUTHOR

    days leaper 

    3 years ago from england

    Yes. Such people do tend to allow this abuse of position, I wonder if they think it makes their child somebody, as though they'll grow up to be some body revered. And often confuse disdain and standoffishness etc. with and call it "respect".

    2. Sorry, didn't reply sooner. I think I blogged myself out, and haven't checked in til now.

    3. this shows how the hubscore is worked out. It's level of activity. I was high 80's in the peak of my hubpages days!

    Best Wishes.

  • ologsinquito profile image


    4 years ago from USA

    Schools do minimize the problem, look the other way and do other things that make it seem as if they are covering it up, which, in many cases they are. The mother of the bully, for instance, may be head of the PTO. Or, the family may be well connected. It's maddening.

  • Rolly A Chabot profile image

    Rolly A Chabot 

    6 years ago from Alberta Canada

    Hi days leaper... great article and one that gives us a reminder of who we can become if we are not careful.

    I was a witness to something last year that I still laugh at on one of the major roads in Calgary Alberta. The incident was the typical bully attitude some drivers have. In this case a young lady made the mistake of cutting this fellow off. His response was arms flailing and horn blowing. Enough one would have to say. At a red light he climbed out of his vehicle and proceeded to kick at her car.

    What followed was priceless, the young lady got out and proceeded to hang a good licking on the irate driver and casually got back into her vehicle and drove away.

    I can not help but think maybe the bully learned a good lesson... lol

    Hugs from Canada

  • days leaper profile imageAUTHOR

    days leaper 

    6 years ago from england

    thumb17 Thank You. To be agreed with is about the same (often) as being approved of.

    Best of Luck!

  • thumbi7 profile image

    JR Krishna 

    6 years ago from India

    I fully agree with you.

    Not being accepted is better than outright bullying.

    We feel the same even in adulthood.


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