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Dealing With A Life's Journey

Updated on January 27, 2012

Life Dealings

I feel lost in my tears. I’m wrapped up with all of my fears. I am not sure as to what I should do. I am stuck in my confinement, just like glue. It feels as though I am carrying the whole wide world on my shoulders. I feel like I am a mere existence in this universe, just getting older. I am dealing with life, people, and circumstances. I am giving them the shirt off of my back and multiple chances. I need to grow emotionally, mentally, and to feel comfortable in my own skin. When the temptation is at hand, I should not give in. My life seems like I am deep within a dream. I am not able to awake or at least so it seems. I wish that I could write a book of a perfect life someday. I would not know where to begin my story anyway. I hope that when I can weather the storm that I am currently in that I can pull myself together, hold my head up high, and ask, “Okay, where do I begin?”


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