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Debunking Ancient Aliens: Nazi Germany and the Die Glocke

Updated on November 24, 2012

In Ancient Aliens on The History Channel, it is posited that the Nazis had alien technology. But how real is the evidence?

Die Glocke and the Wunderwaffe

During World War II, Nazi Germany's propaganda ministry used the term Wunderwaffe to refer to revolutionary "superweapons." Die Glocke, German for "The Bell," is supposedly one of these wunderwaffe. Die Glocke is purported to be made out of heavy metal, about 9 feet wide and 12 to 15 feet tall. Some claim that Die Glocke was relocated to the United States as part of a deal with SS General Hans Kammler.

But what is the truth?

Origins of "Die Glocke"

The first mention of Die Glocke came in 2000, when Igor Witkowski said he found evidence of Die Glocke in the transcripts of interrogations of SS Officer Jakob Sporrenburg.

While it all makes for an interesting story, there is no evidence these documents he claims to have read exist. Witkowski says that he was allowed to see the secret documents, but not allowed to copy them. So nobody knows if they really exist.

Does that mean they don't? No. But it certainly doesn't provide the overwhelming evidence alleged in Ancient Aliens.


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