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Debunking the Myths - Is it Possible to Trick a Digital Alcohol Tester?

Updated on May 17, 2010

Different Types of Alcohol Testers

Single Shot Disposable Breath Alcohol Tester
Single Shot Disposable Breath Alcohol Tester
Portable Digital Breathalyzer
Portable Digital Breathalyzer

Myths to beat a Breath Test or Not!

The digital alcohol tester is a piece of equipment that detects chemicals from air expelled from your lungs. Usually it is the police force that uses this unit to find out if a driver is operating under the influence. People have been trying to find ways to avoid detection of the renowned breathalyzer for years, so a number of myths have come about through these methods. Even though individuals swear by these techniques, they're myths which do not work when it comes to the police digital alcohol breath tester.

It’s little more than a mere myth to think you can beat a digital alcohol tester by sucking on pennies. It was thought to work because sucking on copper would somehow change the chemicals, or alcohol registered on the device.Nevertheless, zinc is a component of pennies, and no matter what they're composed of, you will not be able to suck a penny in order to trick the gadget.

A common myth for defeating the system is that attempting to cover the scent of the alcohol with various things like toothpaste and mints works. This method will only freshen your breath, not truly cover or remove the smell of alcohol on your breath. Using breath mints to outsmart a digital alcohol breath tester is not going to work, as the chemicals from the alcohol are still detected from your breath.

It is a pure myth to think that burping during an alcohol breath test will screw up the results enough to get you off the hook. The results behind belching while undergoing an alcohol breath test will not be altered, or changed because of the burp. A peculiar rumour led to people downing the alcoholic beverage Zima because they were told the malt drink was untraceable by an alcohol detector. Although the scent of alcohol on your breath will be less noticeable after drinking Zima, it can still be detected with the use of an alcohol breath test.

Trying to use these methods to lower the result of a digital alcohol tester, are simply a waste of your time and money. An alcohol tester is designed to pick up alcohol in your system and the best way not to return a positive result, (if pull up) is not to drink and drive. The safest way to pass any breath test is by not drinking any alcohol. Relying on myths and legends is a sure fire way to get a failing score on any breath alcohol test.

Mythbusters - Is it possible to beat a Breathalyzer Test?

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