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Deja Vu or Common Experience

Updated on January 10, 2010

Observing the self ...

In my earlier post I attempted to explain how tension and relaxation affect us, and my theory on inner space being that which is nothing but holding memories of our experiences. Now I’ll take it a step further and describe my notion of “past lives”.

Let’s go back to the child; the issues we’re dealing with now are the childhood learning which went on to become absolute truths. The child’s truth. In this, there may be triggers which bring out inappropriate behaviour, but it’s the similarity of situations which will take the child back to when that belief was formed.

Thus we revert back to child to deal with the present issue. Chances are, ill- equipped adults-in-issues will behave like the child did when the trauma occurred. Some people are seemingly stuck at the age when the trauma occurred for a very long time, sometimes not growing out of it at all. They have hung onto their trauma and become victims of it.

We know that we are made up of differing genes from our parents and grand parents, combined with our own experiences, we become individuals. We develop our inner space, complete and unique.

Allow yourself now to imagine the lives of our ancestors. If the inner space I talk of holds our personal stuff, positive and negative, is it then possible that somewhere within, that the genetic coding may also have memories trapped?

Memories of extreme behaviours, from the first man and woman, may also register as trauma, inherent in all of our genes. Our earliest ancestors will have experienced extreme emotions of fear, love and others which may produce responses in us when filled with that same extreme emotion. For example; for a mother in 1700 it would be emotionally and spiritually difficult to deal with, perhaps the death of a child. Left with no coping skills and no support to re- empower or support her, would be no different from the trauma of the same experience for a mother now in 2006; i.e. we have “common experience”.

In severe stress there may be strange feelings of similar intensity, perhaps from this ancestral memory; it may be that this is a form of deju vu, or manifest itself as extreme fear – phobia- or again felt as a past life experience. These symptoms have a habit of gaining strength and attempt to gain power over us. Here again we have choice; delve into the pain, learn and grow, or, deny and vehemently reinforce the boundary walls. These walls are the strands of the double helix. The last straw is when it’s stretched so taut it finally snaps, releasing the issue once and for all, thru the mental anguish of our dark nights of searching for the soul.

Even as we become so strung out that we cannot think clearly, we can create a liberating experience for ourselves. Knowing that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, encourages hope.

Physical exertion can bring out these trapped, shady areas of our personalities, as can some mind- altering drugs, chronic sadness, grief or despair. Instead of dreading these teachers, we should learn to embrace the changes they represent. Feel the fear and do it anyway, springs to mind. It’s not until we challenge our beliefs that we can have something more solid to rely upon.


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