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Delaying School Age Romance

Updated on April 5, 2013

Emotional attachments and entanglements at any age can be challenging. What about when the brain is still developing and the hormones are all fired up on all engines.

Compounding socialization among young children at it's best can cause caregivers to tear out their hair, figuratively or literally depending on the child.

Parents are the one's who must set up rules about when their child begins to date. They need to be frank about sex and how emotional attachments can be healthy and unhealthy. It is also their responsibility to prepare their child for the inevitable.

Giving them clues as to what they want or should have once they do enter into a relationship. They should also think about at what age their child is ready.

Irregardless of how they feel about it good parents must think rationally about these things.

Too young

  • Too young to love
  • Too young to date
  • Too young to make sexual choices
  • Too young to understand consequences of decisions

It is reported that violence, sexual diseases, pregnancies, drugs, depression and drop out rates are sky rocketing because of dating or becoming steeped in an exclusive relationship too early.

Yet hook ups and romance among young kids is and has been stamped with approval from different institutions, being labeled as a right of passage or unavoidable.

Is that true?

Government, and public institutions are increasingly encouraging and undermining parental guidance, i feel when they make parental choices, without any involvement in the parental involvement.

Yet, aren't parents held responsible for what their children's decisions consequences result in, or bring about.

Government involvement in assisting through money and taxes is like an absentee parent who just gives money, and not enough money at that but never provides the emotional support that the child needs.

And we see how that affects kids every day!

We are continually bombarded with conflicting information about when it is good to teach our children about life style choices and differences. Too many times i find that parents and adults impose on children what are grown up issues so that they feel better about themselves.

Your child should always know your point of view concerning everything. We need to present it all factually and without too much emotional baggage, yet since we are ultimately the first and last loving influence in our children's lives we must always be aware of what they are experiencing.

This though can only be measured by how much time you have invested in your child's life!!!

When is a child mature enough to understand complicated issues.

Remember i asked mature not old enough?

Only a parent whose been actively apart of their child's life can tell. No other person should be given the liberty to dictate what your child is capable of understanding or internalizing.

How being in a committed relationship can lead to detrimental drawbacks in a child's development.

Age approriate

  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Educational
  • Social

Most children nowadays are reversing the normal course of abstinence, displaying some type of sexual attitude towards each other that at one point in history was accepted and at other times not.

Social norms are continually changing but no matter the impact parents have the first and last say so concerning what a child can and can not do and when.

Just because a child starts feeling they are mature enough to make emotional decisions about love, romance and commitment, we all know that is not necessarily true.

Make sure you are evaluating your child's sense of responsibility along with their development before allowing them to make romantic attachments at any age...

Science Daily released another article about findings.


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