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An Experience of Thar Desert Pakistan

Updated on November 6, 2016
Camels are porters in Deserts
Camels are porters in Deserts | Source

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What is a Desert?

Have you visited any desert? Let's have a Glance ...

  • According to you, desert must be a place where there is a lot of sand, has no or very less rainfall resulting in meagre number of plants existence.So you are logically right.

  • The word desert is basically derived from Latin dēsertum meaning "an abandoned place". So deserts are almost abandoned places with very scarce population to count for bacause of very small amount of rain they receive annually.

  • In English, before the 20th century, desert used to mean an "unpopulated area". Today the word has been dedicated to the an area abandoned by many but arid and desolate too.Technically, Deserts have a rainfall of less than 250 mm (10 in) each year. That is the reason, deserts are arid.

  • In literature, deserts have been frequently mentioned due to their serene, calm, peaceful and vastness. Whether its fiction, novel or any kind of piece of writing, deserts have their place in them. Deserts have been mentioned in motion pictures of the past as well and even future movies also contain accounts of wars, epic stories and novel converted films on deserts too.

Thar is rich in tradition, Rich in huts too
Thar is rich in tradition, Rich in huts too | Source
Thar: My Desert Safari time
Thar: My Desert Safari time | Source

Thar Desert of Pakistan

  • Do you know about Thar? Have you heard the name of this great desert? Thar is the 9th largest desert in the world.
  1. The Thar Desert is a vast arid area in the North-western part of the Subcontinent (A combination of Pakistan and India) and forms a natural border between India and Pakistan.
  2. The famous Indus River is on the west of Thar desert. Karachi lies to the South of Thar in Pakistan.
  3. The portion of Thar in Pakistan has Sikhs, Muslims and Hindus.
  4. Thar is famous for its biodiversity and the famous its literature, heritage and traditions.
  5. Water sources in Thar are commonly called Johads (Small Ponds). Wells are there but since they are very difficult to dig in Thar so they are not common. One thing to mention is that wells in Thar have very sweet water, Well digging is considered one of the toughest in any desert.
  6. Thar has traditional bangles dress for women. The dress is woven in the villages of Thar. The dress is quite suited to the harsh weather and hot winds of desert. Men of desert are very dark colored due to blazing sun and hard work they put in to bring water for their families and making their both ends meet.

Wonderful Living Thar Desert Video

Khejri is a useful tree with some considerable shade
Khejri is a useful tree with some considerable shade | Source
Aeroplane of Desert Camel in Thar
Aeroplane of Desert Camel in Thar | Source
Plants of Thar
Plants of Thar | Source

Plants and Animals of Thar

  1. Plants: An area with some greenry in a desert in known as oasis. I observed that There are many oases in Thar desert. What i found were ber, cactus and jojoba. The shade of particularly beri and Khejri trees are a sigh of relief for people living there.
  2. Small trees, bushes and shrubs are also there in large number but in small patches of number in thar desert. A shade is the most necessary thing you really need in a desert. That will you only get from trees.
  3. Animals/ Birds: AnimalsThar are really interesting including the aeroplane of desert off course Camels, cows, goats, buffaloes and sheep. Notable birds that i saw were peacocks, crows, eagles, falcons and the famous hawks of thar desert. Vultures and Short toe snake eagles are also be seen. Peacocks are seen in abundance in Thar desert. The peacocks in desert may find their life utterly different when caught and forced to live in an environment utterly different and aloof for them.That is the reason why nearly most of the peacocks struggle to survive when forced to live in an environment that is not suited to them in the plain areas of Punjab.

Traditional Bangled Dress
Traditional Bangled Dress | Source
The Beautiful Taloor
The Beautiful Taloor

Desert tracks are never RELIABLE

Nothing is more Joyous than writing name in vast sand of desert
Nothing is more Joyous than writing name in vast sand of desert | Source

Personal Observations

  1. Temperature Diversity: Since I spent a week there in Thar, my observation regarding diversity of temperature is that even if you are to visit the desert in Summers (I visited in Summers), do bring along winter clothing for nights as the nights are very cold. Even a day with 50 degree Celsius may have a night temperature of 5 degree Celsius.
  2. Something to Protect your Face: Really strong hot winds can cause serious sun burns. So you must carry something like a muffler, scarf or shawl may be handy in this regard. Otherwise you may find your lips bruised at the end of your safari.
  3. Water more important than gold: Must carry water in abundance in deserts as i felt really thirsty almost every half an hour or so in dazzling heat.I always carried lots of water bottles in my desert safari. Paulo Coelho's bestseller "alchemist" is a testament about desert: “The dunes are changed by the wind, but the desert never changes. That's the way it will be with our love for each other
  4. Removal of tracks by strong winds: Desert has almost no "reliable" and dependable tracks. Thanks to maps and GPS, i had no such issues. The locals even can judge from the feet of marked tracks whether it was female or male, boy or girl and by how much time the individual crossed a place.“Long since, the desert wind wiped away our footprints in the sand. But at every second of my existence, I remember what happened, and you still walk in my dreams and in my reality. Thank you for having crossed my path.” an excerpt from Paulo Coelho's Fifth Mountain,
  5. Wonderful Traditions, Huts and Peacocks: Treat to watch such natural beauty. Peculiarity of the dresses they wear in Thar desert is exciting to watch. Large bangles, Shalwar Qameez are common and perhaps feasible dresses. Loose dress in deserts is very useful and recommended for deserts.
  6. Rains: They are scarce in deserts. Once it rains, its like Christmas and Eid for the natives of Thar desert, They simply enjoy bathing and taking shower in the naatural pour. After an unusual rain, the plants especially shrubs and bushes grow and get some green touch.
  7. Guide; Always take a guide once moving in desert. Deserts are never sincere friends for those who visit it once in 20 years. Deserts demand toughness and agility of mind. The dunes always lose their shape and configuration at a certain place in the desert so as th tracks. So, a guide is compulsory in desert. I had a man off the age of almost 35, who was very vocal about paths we followed.
  8. Hunting: Thar Desert has a beautiful bird called Taloor. People from Saudi Arabia especially visit Thar for hunting Taloor. They have their own arrangements for hunting it and say there for a while since tracing this bird is very cumbersome in hot dazzling desert. Other birds for a hunt may include beautiful hawks and peacocks.

Lawrence of Arabia

This adventurous film is of the era of first world war that tells us the journey of T. E. Lawrence's heroic, autobiographical account of his Arabian Safari within the mammoth Arabian desert and the native tribes.



© 2014 SAQIB


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  • SAQIB6608 profile imageAUTHOR


    4 years ago from HYDERABAD PAKISTAN


    Well, Thar Desert was very unique for me, I wrote what I saw there and searched later. I dedicated this hub to Thar Safari which came out to be memorable in the end.

    Thanks for your time to read my hub and Kind Regards


  • ubrish profile image

    ubrish ali 

    4 years ago from Pakistan(Asia)

    You have selected totally unique topic .I am also from Pakistan but never visit Thar ,thanks for sharing such lovely information,please keep it up

  • Jodah profile image

    John Hansen 

    4 years ago from Queensland Australia

    I have watched Lawrence of Arabia probably four times but not for many years. It is a wonderful movie starring Peter O'Toole.

  • SAQIB6608 profile imageAUTHOR


    4 years ago from HYDERABAD PAKISTAN


    Thanks for appreciating and having a Read.

    Well in fact, you rightly pointed out about camels. Basically in Urdu, camels are called "Registaan k Jahaaz" that means "aeroplanes of desert" so I transformed it that way.

    You must watch Lawrence of Arabia, its so great. An older movie but still enjoyable with some light humour.

  • Jodah profile image

    John Hansen 

    4 years ago from Queensland Australia

    This is a very interesting hub SAQIB. I enjoyed the read and good information on Thar Desert. One interesting fact is that we in the West call the camel "the ship of the desert" and you call it "the aeroplane of the desert". Voted up. p.s. I love the book "the Alchemist".


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