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Develop the mind of a Billionaire

Updated on June 8, 2010

Billionaire mindset tips

The brain of a billionaire is something that is very, very rare and we would all love to have one. In looking into what goes on inside their head I would firstly like to clear something up, many billionaires are not intellectual geniuses. Your ability to be super successful is not massively dependant on your IQ, otherwise Albert Einstein would have been rich. You must transform this limiting belief – too many people squander their potential because they believe that they dont have the intelligence to pull off super successful things.

Anyone who is born without some sort of genetic disorder is born a genius – it is just the ways in which we use our brains and condition ourselves that will be the ultimate determining factor of whether we achieve what we have always wanted. I am telling you now, YOU TO can learn to be super-successful and who better to learn off than billionaires!?


  • Billionaire’s do not let anyone bring them down. There are many people that envy and hate them because they have achieved what they could not.
  • Billionaires look at any challenging idea with an open mind. They are not defeated by its difficulty rather they ponder it and work through the problems to determine ways in which they can make it profitable.
  • Billionaires value knowledge! They are consciously expanding their minds by learning new things. They do not resist education, no matter how boring, for they realise that knowledge is the key to power!
  • Billionaires actively seek out other successful people and investigates their secrets. They befriend them and make the relationship mutually beneficial. They develop and care for these relationships because they realise that the advice on offer is invaluable in expanding their empires.

The best way to live this is to integrate each one of them one by one. Start with the first one and work your way down. Read it and think about how you can integrate it into your life everytime you get in and out of bed, write the key concept on your hand…you will then be setting up the framework for your future successes.


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