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School Diaries

Updated on June 9, 2014

Part 1

August 23.2008

Dear, diary

It was the first day of school and i was excited at first until i entered the entrance door it was huge everyone looking at me. It was huge school more 2 acres of land it had many rooms and a yard filled with courts. My first teacher Mrs. Escobar was a nice teacher for now and she directed us with some procedures and rules for the year she said " well class today were going to talk about class rules" First, no chewing gum. Second raise your hands when told tp. so on and so on. My next teacher or coach was Mr.Ramirez he was a hardheaded man he just liked to tease freshman so then he said to sit down and wait for him. It took him half of the class to give us instructions and forms to fill out. We went to lunch and had pizza not the best but better than my old school. I miss my old school i wish i was in middle school so many fun people. They went Braddock Senior High School i'm in a boring military style school that has no taste in colors just red,white and blue. This school has been an A+ for 6 years it started in an old Hospital and now it's a "nice" middle and high school yes it's a charter school. Well lunch is over and I went to World History boring Mrs. Carr was a nice and a little rude but she did had a nice attitude towards us. I went to science and had Mrs. Rock she was a sub for the teacher she spoke a little english but was nice to me. We did classwork on the first day of school it was easy just a paragraph summary about are vacation. Well i wrote " for summer i spent all my time reading a novel and writing summarizes why because the wanted me to write a summary for a project or essay grade ..." Wow i didn't want to go to this school but my mom made me go so I had to this by force. Well i have to eat dinner see you later



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August 25,2008

Dear, Diary

Today in schools we had a prensentation about STD well this is useful but they still do it no matter what. Everyday they show us a video about what happens like in florida that unemployment grew 12%. We don't care about this...

well by diary bye


August 30,2008

Well school is back and the teachers are giving us lots of home so then we are about to become a A+ school we so much work done.



Dear, Diary

I was at school the other day and there was too kids punching a guy and it was a friend of mine. He was one of the brightest students in the school all because he was smart and funny that he got hurt. I want that anyone who will read this diary will known that you need to help your friends no matter what happens. They are the ones that will help you in the future.


Juan C.

May 5, 2006

Dear, Diary

It was midday at school when two White males were at my class taunting me when they punched and bullied me have reported it to the school teacher when she didn't care and let them do it anyway... Later that day a friend of mine had talk with me and I told him what happened and with him at my side we planned to get revenge the way by getting front of them and punching them back they were discriminating me on my culture. Mexico may have it's problems but no one has the right to bother you...


Juan Pablo A.

Bullying - Stop It

May 5 2014

Hello, Diary

Wow! it's a beautiful day in the summer Cinco de Mayo celebration when .... beep beep beep hospital room noise my friend was put on flames by a bully that has been cyber bullying him for 4 years in high school... BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP no pulse doctors doing CPR when they couldn't revive him it's sad but true a beautiful day became a sad and terrible day for me and his family. It all happened in minutes and want this to go public so that everyone can see that life can be cruel and chicken soup books are true stories we live in a real world.


Robert E.


Johnny T.


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      More pls

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      I want more

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      i want more

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      4 years ago

      thanks i had an idea for my project

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      4 years ago

      thanks i had an idea for my project

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      Not bad


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