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Dictionary For Kids: A Review Of Merriam Webster Children's Dictionary

Updated on May 26, 2015
Children's Dictionaries
Children's Dictionaries

A Review of Children's Dictionaries

Are you looking for the best dictionary to buy your kids? Children need books that help them build their vocabulary and interact with the world around them. If you want your child to master words of the English language of his/her level you would definitely want to buy him/her the best dictionary available.

You might not want to give your kid an adult dictionary which has complex definitions of words because if you do, you aren’t doing good to him/her as he/she will not be able to understand. The dictionary you buy your kid must be specifically meant for kids of his/her age range. It must include terms that are specifically meant for children and that are rarely used by adults in their day to day conversations. It should also include words that relate to children’s way of thinking and doing things. The definitions of the words in the dictionary must also be easy to understand and that it should be easy to look up the difficult words.

Online Vs. Hardcover Dictionary

When choosing a dictionary for your kid you can choose an online one or the traditional hardcover one and what you have to know is that each has its advantages and disadvantages. Whatever the case you should be in good position to determine the one which best suits the learning needs of your child. With today’s age of the internet it’s very tempting to go the online way and base your child’s word learning on the internet dictionaries but how far are you sure you are doing the right thing? Does your child need an online or a hardcover dictionary? Hardcover dictionaries are often considered to be the best option. They are preferable to basing a child’s word learning on online dictionaries. Below are some of the top reasons as to why I think an online dictionary isn’t the best option for your child;

  • The child may not be comfortable navigating the pages of the online dictionary website. It’s not a secret that going from a page to page and looking for a word and its meaning on an online dictionary is challenging for most kids and this may make the kid waste some valuable studying time navigating between pages and searching for particular words.
  • Accessing an online dictionary may depend or rely on Internet connectivity. If you don’t have a reliable or fast internet connection in your home your child may not be able to access the online dictionary.
  • Advertisements may destruct him/her from undertaking the task they were meant to do. Children are easily swayed by flashy or good looking advertisements and they may click on them instead of learning. Sponsored advertisements are surely there in online dictionaries and your child may have difficulties in concentrating on learning.

Merriam Webster Children’s Dictionary

After spending countless number of hours searching and researching for the best dictionary for kids, I have come to the conclusion that Merriam Webster Children’s Dictionary fits the bill perfectly. I have searched information online, went to different kids schools, enquired from different bookshops and went as far as asking kids I knew their opinion on their favorite kids dictionary and a good number of them recommended the Merriam Webster kids dictionary.

Many reviewers have many good things to say about this dictionary. After going through this kids dictionary, the following are the good features I was able to discover

  • It’s comprehensive and well illustrated to be understood by children and specifically those of ages of between 4 and 8. It can also be used by children who are younger or older than this age range.
  • It has a reference section that contains the map of the world, the seven continents, the flags of all countries and the names of presidents and vice presidents of the United States of America.
  • It has well illustrated color photos that will make the dictionary special to the children. Children are big fun of good looking pictures and this dictionary guarantees that.
  • The dictionary has over 4000 well illustrated photos which will surely make the dictionary special to the kids.
  • The layout of the dictionary is world class and that it mixes both pictures and text. There is also alphabetical indexing which makes it easy for word searching
  • There are colored marks on every page of the dictionary that makes letter finding an easy task
  • The dictionary answers or provides solutions to children’s inquisitive nature given the fact that it has 32,000 entries as well as over 3,000 illustrations
  • The colors of the pictures and the illustrations are breathtaking which means any kid will surely fall in love with it.
  • It has an easy to read font which means the kid will not struggling reading it
  • Its word definitions are simple and are made in such a way that a kid would be able to understand without much difficulty or challenge. In other words it does not give overly complicated definitions.
  • Alphabets are indicated on the bottom of every page which means the kid will easily know whether to flip the pages ahead or go back when looking up for a certain word
  • It includes a CD-Rom that has word learning games as well as electronic games.
  • It has a total of 22 page thesaurus as well as a reference section
  • It will help your child learn the meaning of thousands of words as well as improving his/her grammar and pronunciation skills

Where Can I Buy the Merriam Webster Children’s Dictionary?

If you have decided to buy the Merriam Webster children’s dictionary to your kids you might want to know where to get it on the right price that is affordable to you. This dictionary is sold on most bookshops online and offline but in varying prices and the choice is definitely yours deciding on where to purchase it from. However if you want to see what people who have bought it before have to say and know if it’s for you or not, head over to Amazon and see the many customer reviews which are there. You can also buy it right there.

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