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Did You know that?!! Fun facts You may or not know about Japan

Updated on February 14, 2012


Japan is a country where the majority, because 99% of over 127 million, are the Japanese. The white man (gaijin) may feel uncomfortable because Japanese are shy and additionally weakly speak foreign languages.
The Japanese really mutilate English language, what we have a chance to see below, in a fun and spectacular show.

Alarming is that young people do not manifest any talent when it comes to learning English.It seems to me that the problem lies in the fact that they do not learn the rules of grammar and often use the typical Japanese sentence order,or literally translate from Japanese into English.

On the other hand the Japanese, who are staying abroad speak fluently and correctly in English. Is it therefore a shame, shyness, orlack of practice in the real world, have sucheffects?


This huge lively city has two faces ,on one hand noisy, busy, dynamic, unpredictable, with huge shopping malls and people rushing in an unknown direction, on the other hand with quiet cafes, quiet lanes and homeless pulling his trolley.

There are places where the time goes back to the era of Edo, where civilization has not yet had time to reach, and where the time, with speed of light rushing towards modernity.

The company Mercer, among others, examined 143 cities in terms of transportation, cost of living, prices of clothing. It turned out thatthe most expensivein the world is Tokyo. Osaka is the second and the third Moscow.

Despite the noise, which overwhelms the visitors from Europe and surprising at the same time. Tokyo, should to see it at any time of day or year.
This city can not be discover to the end, it still surprises, especially in the evening, when thousands of neons lights up, when you will see people returning from work at underground stations, only then you will see that the city is alive, is full of passion and looks the most beautiful ... mmmmmm ... I'll see You soon Tokyo! :D


Japanese researchers of Waseda University and Medical College of National Defense developed the world's thinnest dressing, which is only 75 nanometers thick (a nanometer is equal to 10-9 m). Does such a Thin dressing protects the wound? Of course, yes! As it turns out, it maybe enough to protect the whole 6-millimeter hole in the wall of dog's lung.The wound heals, and secured film does not leave scars.

the patch is a transparent and heal without leaving scars. For production, acquired components isolated from the shells of crabs and the bodies of algae.This blend allows for adhesion to tissue and high strength ,which can be used in surgery, as well as to treat changes in skin.


Ladies of the Land of the Rising Sun have already 24 time in a row occupy first place in the world list of the longest living. Average life expectancy is now 86 years old. Japanese gentlemen are ranked on the fourth place with a statistical perspective of survival 79.9 years. The main reason for this is improving fight against cancer, heart disease and strokes, considered the most common causes of death in Japan. Japan's Ministry of Health owes this success, mainly by great efficient of health care and of course healthy lifestyle.

Globally, the Japanese will always occupy the first place :D

Cosplay on Harajuku bridge.
Cosplay on Harajuku bridge.


A showcase of modern Japan undoubtedly are its people. Most enjoyable you can look at them on the Harajuku district, and of course in every corner of this millions peoples country.

TNS Infratest conducted research, they interviewed representatives of 4 thousand hotels around the world. They assessed values ​​of tourists from 27 countries based on nine criteria, including their behavior and generosity.
The best tourists, according to the study proved to be unquestionably the Japanese! :D always polite, quiet, clean, neat and has no tendency to complain (French hold the reputation of world's worst tourists. Ufff!! Not Poland :D).


From the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, I read that if I had broken tooth, it's nothing, just grow me a new! :D Thanks to Japanese specialists from Science University of Tokyo, who managed to grow fully operational and healthy teeth in the mouse mouth. The technology was developed after implantation into the mouse jaw specially crafted cells that normally build juvenile tooth. As a result, grown quite healthy, adult, new functional molars, in a place removed, with a hardness similar to normal. Are even innervated, reacting to painful stimuli.

The achievements of of scientists mean the end of drilling, dentures and implants. In this way, you can theoretically restore the damaged organs such as liver, pancreas or kidney. This is an important step in the development of regenerative medicine. Towards the creation of therapies consisting of replacement entire organs damaged by disease or old age.


Professor Masatoshi Ishikawa of Tokyo University has created two robots: Ichiro Suzuki and Daisuke Matsuzaka, who play in baseball. One of them throwing the ball with a hand consisting oft hree fingers, and the other is equipped with motion sensors that allow track the ball and hit it. The effectiveness of the batter and the pitcher is close to about 100% accuracy. Robots are playing with each other in baseball, of course without human assistance.

Currently underway are further improvements of throwing techniques, which would include various rotations.
Human baseball players did not have such a perfect advantages as robots, they do not ask for higher wages and are not on strike. :)

Ishikawa said that the need for robots in the technology is very high and it was difficult to create a mechanism for satisfying such level of demand.

Japan boasts one of the leading robotics industries in the world, and the government is aims to the development of industry, as the path to economic growth.


The table in Japan is dominated by seafood, tofu, seaweed, sushi, tempura or fish in a fluffy batter, but the potatoes are rare.
The use of potatoes for me in another way, in a country where you can say play main violin for dinner, it's reallya mystery. (Yes I'm from Poland :p)

In Japan, the potatoes are used in a different way, as a very useful therapeutic bulb. Historically, many of diseases were treated with potatoes. For example, inhaled fumes from boiling brew to treat catarrh airway, the raw juice of the tubers used to treat ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, grated lined burned skin, and vitamins in them destroying fungi, bacteria, preventing the spread of blood vessels. As we can see, some what despised in my country, have many valuable properties.

Very precious is the skin of the potato, which the Japanese use to burns, so skin wounds heal faster. Similar is with frostbite, cooked peelings washing over the affected places.

Remember about Japanese alternative medicine, or herbal - Kampo! :D


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    • idigwebsites profile image

      idigwebsites 4 years ago from United States

      Like you it's also my dream to visit Japan, especially Tokyo! When I was a kid I was watching "Japan Video Topics" on TV and how fascinated I was about their technology, traditions, the reputable Japanese efficiency and discipline as well as the fun stuff. And still I am fascinated. Cool! Voted up and awesome. :)