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Difference between teenagers today and in the olden times

Updated on October 8, 2016

Changes are present as the time goes by. One example is the change of teenagers. Teenagers today were very different from the olden times. They are different according to their attitude, outfit, and beliefs. If there is someone that live the life like in the olden times, some teenagers treat them different from each other.

There are many changes according to different factors. One of the factors is the attitude. Lately, teenagers always show respect to other people especially the old ones, they kiss the hands of their elders, they use kind words to others and always follow what their parents say while the teenagers today, only few of them show respect to other people because they sometimes talk back to others.

The second one is the outfit. In olden times, teenagers were not let by their parents to wear sexy-cut dress. They are usually conservative for what they wear. Unlike the teenagers today, they can wear whatever they want to wear,even sexy shorts,mini-skirts, backless dress and etc.

According to belief, teenagers today were very different from the olden times because teenagers in the olden times believe that time is precious so they must do all good things and refuse all bad things in order to have success while today's generation, they always believe that you only live once so they do all things whether good or bad. They can roam around, smoke ,drink alcoholic beverages or even gamble.

Changes in teenagers occur because of lack of discipline. If teenagers today were well-discipline, maybe the respect and good life will be experienced by everyone.

As a teenagers, I just want to say to all teenagers that don't let bad things rule over you instead, let your dreams and goals in your life bring you a good life which everyone wants to experience.


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