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Differences between Goals and Expectations

Updated on July 1, 2010

Difference between Goals and Expectations

This document is intended to show the people the main difference between Goals and Expectations. The main questions that comes up in my mind - "What are Goals?", "What are Expectations?", "What is the main difference between Goals and Expectations?"

Let me begin by opening a scenario - "Say, we have invited a few people home for a party at a specific time- say 5PM - we have set up the home by making all the necessary arrangements to welcome them. After making all these arrangements - they later did not show up. They also did not inform us and are also unreachable". Now, let us see the different emotions that come up in the mind - Anger, Frustration, Worry etc. What is the main factor that gave rise to such emotions?

Now, let's see the same scenario from a different perspective - "The people whom we invited did come to our home at the set time". Now, we can see the different emotions coming up in the Human Mind - we don't get those emotions mentioned above. If we study, the emotions generated above, what is the main factor that causes the mind to see such difference.

The main factor that causes the difference in the emotions is 'Expectations'. What is an Expectation? Expectations are negative forces that the mind sets on the path of duty that reduces the joy in life. Expectation is that state where the mind has already set the results it is looking for. Expectation is the cause of all negative emotions in the human mind. Some of the negative emotions include - Anger, Frustration, Depression, Fear of Failure etc.. Expectations reduces the degree of commitment in the duty. Expectations cannot stand the challenges that come on the way.

On the other hand - Goals are positive forces that the mind sets on the path of duty to achieve its target. Goals bring more joy to the human mind than expectations. A person with a strong set of goals can face any upcoming challenges that come on the way. That person will always stay focussed on his duty till he gets what he wants.  

Goals and Expectations are always opposite of each other. When the mind sets certain goals - it is prepared to accept any result that comes on the way and finds a solution to every problem. Goals are two sided; whereas expectations are one sided. Expectation is like a bottomless pit. The more it gets means the more it wants!! The desires set by expectations are endless. 

Shivaram Swamy
Shivaram Swamy


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      Gaurav 4 years ago

      Thanks for explaining.