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Digital Transformation Contest: Total rewards of $9,000 and owners were disclosed

Updated on May 13, 2016

The Digital Transformation Contest, which aims to look for out-standing business proposal for FSO, has now come to an end. There are 49 ideas submitted and 12 of those has reach the final round. On May 4th, the final result of this competition has been officially announced by Mr.Hoang Nam Tien.

According to Panel of Judges and Mr.Hoang Nam Tien, sadly there are any out-standing ideas. Because of this reason, the $10,000 prize will remain ownerless. However, the 2nd and 3rd prizes has been nominated and the owners seem to be familiar with Fsofters.

The 2nd prize, also known as the highest prize, belongs to Mr.Nguyen Ngoc Thuan (FAP) and Mr.Tran Hoang Giang (BU9). In the proposal, they designed a detail plan about FSO Digital Center of Excellence (DCOE). This plan doesn’t aim to provide FSO with an idea about specific product such as Connected Adverting, Virtual Reality. Starting with Digital Transformation and based on what they know about FSO, this business proposal suggests some points which can be exploited by FSO so that we could join the playground with technology giants.

However, during a recent interview, Mr.Nguyen Ngoc Thuan also admits that there’re many challenges that we may face when implementing this idea. The first one is how to design a solution which is possible and valuable, so that we can bring to retail industry. Possible means that we must able to implement and also it doesn’t affect BU without disrupting on-going project. Moreover, based on what he proposed in his plan, we must digitalize FSO in order to create an environment that FSO can understand and experience what is Digitalization and how it will impact other industries.

The 3rd prize with $2,000 belongs to Mr.Tran Xuan Khoi (CHRO) and Ingo Tegeder (GDU). Mr.Tran Xuan Khoi, from the point of view of an HR Manager, proposed an implementation of Big Data into HR process. According to Mr.Khoi, company will firstly crawl the data from Internet and Social Network such as Facebook or LinkedIn. Furthermore, in his plan, he also mentioned a well-known trend: Gamification, which is presented through the idea bringing games to candidates, so that company can assess and evaluate the skill sets, as well as the reaction.

Co-owner of 3rd prize is Mr. Ingo Tegeder (GDU). This is the only candidate with 2 proposals. The first one is about Blockchain technology and the 2nd one is about establishing a Center of Excellence cho Digital Transformation. About this idea, he believes that FSO has 90% of necessary factors to do it, what is important now is to concentrate in the rest 10% and bring it into mainstream.


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