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Dinosaurs: What's The Big Deal?

Updated on July 5, 2019

Why Are Dinosaurs So Fascinating?

At one point or another, I’m sure you’ve been intrigued by dinosaurs. You have most likely watched Jurassic Park, or gone to the museum to see the fossils, or maybe you had a toy collection of dinosaurs when you were younger. Whatever the case may be we all know that humans are fascinated with these creatures and I think we always will be, but why?

They capture our imagination, it’s almost like they're mythical creatures to us because they’re huge, scary and extinct. It’s not only that though, I believe there is so much more to it. Sure, they ruled the lands for a much longer period than any other species has before and that may never be matched, which is amazing in itself, but the earth they lived on would be one we wouldn’t recognise today (or be able to survive in). They had a wide variety of sizes, and to us; the bigger, the scarier especially if they’re carnivorous. And another thing: they were around for a lot longer than they’ve been extinct, how crazy is that to think about?

Technically Dinosaurs Are Still Around

That’s right, they’re still here walking and flying around. You might even have one as a pet. So what are they? Birds - I’d say crocodilians too because both birds and crocodilians are part of a group called archosaurs. But even though crocodilians have a lot in common with birds and dinosaurs than they do with other reptiles, birds are more closely related to dinosaurs than anything else.

Yep, turns out birds are the modern day dinosaurs.

Oh, so you think it’s funny the way dinosaurs turned out? You will rue the day you laughed at that when a magpie is swooping you, or when a goose has decided to chase you down. And if you haven’t heard of a cassowary, go give it a google, it's only the most dangerous bird in the world, no big deal. So yes, turns out modern-day dinosaurs AKA birds can be terrifying like their ancestors. It’s not all bad for how dinosaurs turned out because birds are actually quite intelligent. And I bet bird owners will agree with me on that.

If you know anything about birds then you will know that they require a lot of attention and stimulation, especially parrots. They have their own little emotions and ways of expressing how they feel. It can be like having a child, a dinosaur child.

So there you go, modern-day dinosaurs are quite cool. There is actually one bird that still has dinosaur type claws when it hatches, it is called a hoatzin. The claws are gone by the time it reaches maturity but how amazing is that. Very interesting stuff indeed!

So Why Aren’t Other Extinct Creatures As Popular?

When you think of a wooly mammoth, or a saber tooth tiger, or even the giant sloth, they aren’t that different to the animals we know today. A mammoth looks like an elephant, a saber tooth is just another big cat and a giant sloth, well okay that sounds pretty awesome but that’s nothing compared to dinosaurs, they're unique and different to what we know. That’s not to say those other creatures I mentioned aren’t also amazing, but let’s face it, if you had the chance to see a real T-rex or a mammoth - you’d choose the T-rex because it’s fierce and like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Other creatures might not be as popular because dinosaurs got into mainstream media before any of the rest, but even if that weren't the case, I still think dinosaurs would have risen up to popularity.

Just knowing that they reigned for so long on this planet, which is a challenge for a lot of species, is why that makes them the champions of 'who can live on earth the longest'. They won that before winning was even invented.


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    • Shawindi Silva profile image

      Shawindi Silva 

      21 months ago from Sri lanka

      Nice content!! I like your article so much.


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