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Disaster Survival Kit -- Let's Be Prepared

Updated on March 28, 2012

After a disaster hits we often raise money to help those affected. We do this to help provide things such as food and water, shelter, bedding, trauma counseling or medical treatment, among other needs. Many times we also send disaster relief kits.

Now, what about us? Do we even know what should be in a disaster relief kit? I have some ideas I want to share with you and if I missed something you think is important let me know.

First, what do you think we should pack the products in? A back pack? A back pack with rollers. I suppose if we are on the move that would be the easier way to carry it. We could use the ones that the hikers do so we have that extra space for a sleeping bag just in case we need one. It won't hurt to be on the safe side. We never know when disaster will hit and having it ready would be the smart thing to do. We should be prepared for a natural disaster and just in case those zombie, vampire movies are a warning that one they day will roam our streets we should make extra preparations. Especially in the light of the strange weather pattens that have occurred this year. The power outages, the tornado's, heavy wind and snow that some regions have experienced. Each member of the family should have a survival kit prepared and ready to go. If you had to evacuate now, would you be prepared?

Now that we've determined or at least I have that a back pack would be a safe bet for storing our survival kits let's make a list of what we should pack.


Battery operated radio - to keep up to date of situation

Extra Batteries

Matches - in case we have to camp out one night

Paper - to lit the camp fire

Water - 3 to 4 bottles per person

Small sauce pan - to boil water if you run out

First Aid Book & Kit - to be carried - must include all supplies needed in case a first aid emergency occurs.

Whistle or horn to blow if in trouble

Freeze dried food - found in sporting / hiking / camping stores

Snacks - Crackers, peanuts, trail mix, protein bars, ready to eat canned food

Alcohol wipes

Dust Masks - in case of dust and debris

Blankets / Sleeping Bags

Any prescription medications

Fire Extinguisher

Tool Kit

Manual can opener

Mess Kits

Cash / Change

Cell Phone & Charger

Change of Clothes

Rain Gear


Diaper Wipes or some kind of moist towelette

Garbage Bags / Ties


Magazine, Book, Crayons & Coloring Books for children

Are You Ready

If you had to evacuate within 5 hours would you be ready?

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    • Catzgendron profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from North Chelmsford

      Thank You Lady G. I didn't know about those. I will have to get some for my daughters when they go camping. Thank You for the heads up.

    • profile image

      geof L 

      6 years ago

      one thing you overlook is the newer small water filters that give 99.99% bacteria and virus-free water. I got them at for less than $50. With them, you can filter 500 gallons of water & eliminate the need to carry jugs or barrels


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