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Discord in Education System

Updated on May 29, 2016
Artist: Jan Davidsz de Heem
Artist: Jan Davidsz de Heem | Source

Psychological Discord from Education

Most of the general students of Bangladesh accomplish their secondary phase and higher secondary phase by studying didactically the British enriched books and materials. For those who want clinging to the education stem for further phases, have to go for choice between public and private institution. In most cases, public students are taught by using a variety of world-wide authors' publication, buttressed commonly by British author. Among the private institutions which are well renowned and fecundated, follow verily the American publications. This Bachelor phase and the rest of the phases are more crucial in cementing the education on an individual.

Now, it is vivid that our education system is occidental more than partially. This western curriculum inherits it's owned unique and distinctive norms, values and patterns of behavior. On the other hand, we have our native ways of practicing norms, values and behaviors too. So, there are conflicts that create stimuli in human psychology. The real scenario in here doesn't match up with the learnt contents. This stimulus varies in degree from student to student depending on their style of growing up milieu. Thus, there is another ramification, where one side of student can tolerate these myriads of inflictions inside their head and can ignore the sharpness. A wise man said, "Do not act untroubled like a crow when you see anything fitful or convulsive because crows got the tendency of closing their eyes and believing that no one is seeing too". But, there are some students who always look outside of the box, find the changes and feel that platelets are scorching inside their blood. This categorical student faces the incessant sting by their silent muttering inside the mouth and brain about those subtle conflicts. These passive psychological tortures are increasingly driven from the paradoxical patriotism and thereafter create exasperation under the parched skin. This incompatibility is so moving that it sometimes makes the student perplexed and generates depression. Again, this mental perturbation works more acutely for business background students who must've had been following the occident journals and publications in a wide range. But still this remedy is unredeemed and bubbling inside the students' mind similar to a dormant volcano. An ample of such examples could be bestowed which is not bound in such helm. But isn't it so much repellent to tolerate that a book requiring lesson about ethics, broke the copyright law itself by being photocopied?


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