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Discovered the skeleton can unravel the secret plain of jars

Updated on April 8, 2016

For decades, historians and archaeologist trying to find out the secret behind di only, where thousands of stone jars scattered along the Highlands of Xieng Khouang province of Laos, according to the International Business Times.

Latest findings by the research team from the Australian National University (ANU) is located in the project, the first comprehensive excavation in the area from the 1930s. The research group headed by Dr. Dougald O'Reilley, found many of the 2500 year old skeletons in a in 90 locations created plain of jars. O'Reilley's group hopes the findings will help clarify the purpose of the chum.

In the 1930s the French archaeologist, Madeleine Colani, who first spotted the plain of jars, that only this iron age burial customs of prehistoric people. The chum with the number from 1 to 400 at each position and height of 1-3 metres, in order to keep cremated remains. New discovery reinforces the hypothesis of the Colani and archaeologists hope it can expand their understanding of ancient burial customs in the area.

O'Reilley's Group found three types of burial vary in the course of the excavation. "There is the bone-filled people with a large limestone slab placed above. In the other type, the skeleton was placed in ceramic jars. The work of excavation also revealed for the first time about the basic type of buried in a position, in which a dead man lying in the grave, "O'Reilley said.

Can not underestimate the importance of the new findings. This will be the start of a new era, to unravel the secret plain of jars "Genovese, Lia, a researcher on the plain of jars.

"The skeletons found in the excavations of the necropolis attest function fields, but the function of the chum is still rather mysterious stones. CHUM for heavy carved from sandstone block weighs about 32 tons estimated by British geologist Jeremy Baldock, "Genovese, lecturer in Southeast Asian cultural heritage, said.

One theory put forth by O'Reilly is the essence for stone jars the process of decomposition. A professor said that after the end of the process, the skeleton was buried nearby.

"Laboratory analysis, including radiocarbon dating by carbon isotopes, will greatly expand our knowledge about the area, about the ancient communities and their customs, including burial customs. I'm sure the results will strengthen the position of the plain of jars in the Southeast Asian Archaeology ", Genovese share


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