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Discovering The 5th Dimension

Updated on October 9, 2013
atomic dimensioning
atomic dimensioning

The Dimensions of Reality

The standard three dimensions are the zero dimension which is a point in space, the 2 dimensions which is a line and 3 dimensions which is a geometric form with volume like a cube or a sphere. After that we have time as dimensions and maybe energy as a similar aspect or completely different dimension. Maybe time space or gravity is the 5th or 6th dimensions and magnetism may or may not be a basic geometric dimension. I was thinking of all of this and watching things in reality the way they are and discovered what might be a whole new dimension and as it happens it is a dimension that may change the hierarchy or circle of other dimensions in the scheme of the scientific analogy.

What I discovered was that there is something I call Multi-Variable Conditional Probability. I have not finished the mathematic equation yet because I am afraid of having an equation where one of the variables can be up to infinity. It really is a basic dimension of geometry and reality as we experience it. What is it? Multi-variable conditional probability is the fact that almost anything can eventually happen with enough trial events in what is probable. It may also be a new basic law of physics. I was thinking about string theory and the theory of everything when I thought of this. String theory does not seem to recognize all the variables in infinite combinations which is what we see peering out on the universe where we see far too much order where there is supposed to be entropy in command. It is not we see the same spherical forms and same galaxy shapes billions of light years away as with in the first ten million light years. We also see the ability of life to constantly reproduce it self and even improve on itself with evolution.

The dimensions schematic relationship as I see it now is not a hierarchy but a circle and this is my list , at the moment of the basic dimensions that shape everything in the universe: point or the zero dimension that has it self situated as a single point in space with no metrics defining the space so essentially one is equal to zero because all the space you have has to be the one point. After that you have a line but that does not give you space. It takes at least two point to connect a line and from there you get three dimensions that can give a metric dimension to space where it had not really existed before because zero was one. After that you have time as a dimension and probably energy as a separate dimension. Following that it might be the multi-variable conditional probability but it may actually come before that because if you happen to have a point at the center of a sphere connecting a line to an infinite number of points around the center of the sphere that is where the multi-variable conditional comes into play. Just think about spinning that line from the central point at the center to all points on the sphere. Eureka there it is! Of course that could be regulated by energy and time which as I say are also likely dimensions in the new system. The analogy goes to an atom which may have electrons spinning around the nucleus of the atom giving it a solid feel on the exterior. This is not just quantum mechanics at work it is even more basic geometry than that. With an atom there is a probability that the electrons will be in certain spaces under certain conditions with abilities that change how they can interact with photos. This is how we end up with frequencies and wavelength analogies. Yes I am still working out the details. This is all preliminary as in my blog on the subject. The importance of multi-variable conditional probability cannot be understated it allows atoms to achieve dimensions that otherwise they cannot do in the existing system of dimensions. Also in the circle of dimensions maybe space time , gravity and maybe magnetism. Magnetism and gravity are both determined separately by multiple variables in conditional probabilities. I have written before about dimensional expansion in both gravity and magnetism.

Can this change the physical sciences? Maybe yes. It can be used to change the whole notion of what the electro magnetic spectrum really is and how it actually is dimensional as opposed to being an analogy to wave behavior or frequency because both wave functions and frequency pertains to the materials that allow detection. Using dimensional expansion via conditional probability it can tells us more directly about the nature of the photon as stand alone things that are probably not particles in any real sense. Maybe I can come up with a dimensional chart for the spectrum and relate that to gravity , magnetism and even the periodic table of elements.

So I am leaning on calling multi variable conditional probability the second or third dimension not the fifth or the sixth.


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