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Disney vs. Real Life Essay

Updated on July 17, 2013

Expectation vs. Reality

When I went to Disney Land this was pretty accurate.
When I went to Disney Land this was pretty accurate. | Source

Old and New Disney

Old and new Disney both were childish with adult themes implemented into them as much as they could with a G rating anyway. They make eyes big and inhuman like heads to large for the necks they are on however the rest of the body is relatively proportionate to a normal person this distorting of human traits emits emotion too easily humans are more complex and to tell apart the feeling from one another the face would have to be more closely examined to find the person’s true emotion. Most Disney movies they contrast some each other as well s real life as well as real life which they contrast more immensely.

In old Disney there was more focus on more old world ideas and norms in new Disney the setting may be in the old world but the people don’t act like it the put things in there that could not have been based on the original stories like guitars singing at random leading kids to believe singing in public won’t get you beat up when in actuality he or she will be given several bruises black eyes and other contusions along their body. Or they will be harassed by their peers for being such an idiot and called names that will lower their demeanor.

New Disney has a lot of out of place singing as well though more older Disney is not as stupid like Sleeping beauty actually that’s the only I can think of that doesn’t have a song every five minutes only in the first half do they sing at all. So old Disney movies are more realistic whereas new ones are childish infantile basest form of entertain in the media today with too much creative license those stories are meant to teach children important lesson like not to trust strangers or old hags. They also taught children about death were in Disney death in not shown at all only alluded to but still never shown or referenced again.

Pixar does not have singing in their movies and are basically Disney now so they would be better for children to view as they are not as ambiguous in their messages. Though perhaps it is simply the new age of Disney that is more mature there is still singing and dancing but has become less predominant for the male audience now there are more movies that can relate and teach the gender more thoroughly.

Reality of the Situation

Here is a poster of the reality of disney
Here is a poster of the reality of disney | Source


There are certain instances when adult themes are introduced into the Disney movies but they give vague descriptions as to what they are in real life. No movie of Disney’s that is G or PG rated have enough or good description of adult themes to teach the child much of what they need to know in the future. Pirates of the Caribbean is the most well known Disney franchise that has many adult themes it would teach a child plenty it has heroic and villainous deeds villains or the stereotypical versions were used to. Who actually are not put in a dark light but is shown that there is worse and they do get punished so it could be one of the first viewing a child has but would still need adult to explain some things to them. Though this is not typical Disney usually has it being more childish with singing and other childish things

There are many mechanics that can make a child more or less survivable in their habitat, and Disney morals are not deep everyone sings and love always conquers all and other mediocrities accumulated of the seemingly countless millennia of human existence. That is simply not how the world works there is a time when love is necessary as well as learning but once into adulthood it becomes quite different. Disney uses creative licensees on their franchises though if a student was researching those times for school or for a job he or she would find their source to be highly unreliable which just makes it harder for the kid the live in the real world. So much singing and dancing is not preparing a child for his or her adult life in any way.

Learning Real life values and consequences is a much better way for children to learn and gain certain stimuli and conditioning so they may fit into society better. Like Disney there is censorship as not to rob the child of its innocence other times parents do not want their children believing lies and will rob them of their so called innocence before they can grow out of it preparing them more for real life, Usually people robbed of innocence lack imagination and creativity so perhaps this is not a good thing as creativity can help the child to overcome obstacles presented to them in their lifetime. It does do what is needed it shows them violence and implements morals into children through showing them how evil is punished and how good is not though honestly that should be done by parents not some weirdo who the child will never meet who might be some sort of pervert for we all know. The best stories ever told are of tragic heroes who show their humanity and suffer more than others could even dream Disney does not do that sometime it might but not in an epic and poetic fashion as one would hope.

Real life is not how Disney portrays as always having a happy ending for the “good” people but what is good anyhow? Is good being good looking is it being cheery helping others is it about being the best, no its about conquering ones inner demons understanding them and being able to tell people to conquer their own, though they know he will not let the animals who try to take the future away from people continue doing so. they will go against the rules of society challenge them even change them he know not all men and women are equal he know they should not all be treated equally as everyone is different some in more bad than good he will know to get rid of the pestilence and fling it back into the depths it crawled from. They will treat others as they should be but give undo justice to the evil ones who plague him and all around him they must they will have to commit wrongful acts for the betterment of all they will have to suffer from all the hands who they affected negatively they must keep doing so or the world would fall into mediocrity and simplicity where there are no great people to lead others few as they may be, into greatness as well

Exaggeration of Disney

Disney often exaggerates the truth and often over-dramatizes events in their stories and often take artistic license when work with mythological stories often changing the material until it is almost unrecognizable from its source. They aslo started the trend of tears or some other nonsense curing death thus bastardizing the character death as meaningful and making it irrelevant to the stories though of course the villain usually stay dead meaning they had more memorable death than the heroes or side character that may have feigned death for a scene or two.

Wholesome or Not?

This is close to how much Disney exaggerates.
This is close to how much Disney exaggerates. | Source

Disney vs. Real Life Video

Two Girl describe Disney vs. Reality


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