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Disparity in Education & Business

Updated on July 25, 2013

Digital Technology


Disparity in Southern California Schools

Disparity in Southern California Schools

Volume 3, Issue 2, July 25, 2013

Disparity in Southern California Schools has been primarily identified by the poverty rates, financial income levels, affordability, ownership, maintenance of computers, and availability in Southern California Schools like East Los Angeles (ELA) 25.3% who are below the poverty rate and who only have 6,422 business owners in the community of ELA. The City of East Los Angeles has 5 high schools, 1 college, and 2 libraries (ELA library and Anthony Quinn Library). The City of South Gate has a 19.6% below the poverty rate and only 6,733 business owners in the community. The City of South Gate has only 1 high school and 0 colleges in the area, the closest college being ELA College and has 1 library (Leland Weaver Library). The City of Compton with a 24.9% below the poverty rate and the city have 5,082 businesses in the community. The City of Compton has 3 high schools, 1 community college, and has zero libraries. The last in Southern California is the City of Watts recognized as the Willowbrook district by the Census Bureau who has a 25% below the poverty level and only 2,133 businesses in the community since 2007. The City of Willowbrook has magnet schools and high school students are served by Compton and Locke High School in Watts. The Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science is one of the Universities located in Willowbrook. It also has 1 library (Willowbrook Library) and a computer lab in Parks and Recreation Center at Athens Park. The other schools listed and areas have no statistical information of Parks and Recreation Centers who have computer labs in the recreation center.

In addition to the disparity in being equipped for the workforce/labor force the communities named in this writing are among the poorest and who are unable to afford food for lunch and is a detriment to the students ability to concentrate on studies.

Some of the schools listed have prerequisites that need to be filled prior to graduation in life skills, academics, and services experience along with a demonstrated knowledge of computer literacy skills. Of the above listed high schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) King Drew Medical Magnet School ranked in at 33.7% of a 56% AP tested school system as being prepared to enter and engage in college. The other high Schools ranked 22.7% lower with South Gate at an 18.33% rate to enter college, and David Jordan High School with a 9.5% college ready rating that is startlingly below the California averages.

Disparity ranking in the State of California in Higher Education Chart is provided by NCHEMS Information Center for Higher Education and Policymaking and Analysis with current analysis and data that are compiled in the chart below:

The numbers categorized below are percentages of rankings of disparity in higher education in financing an education, in the workforce percentage, and the income percentage categories representing a ranking in Southern California. The highest cost amounts and lowest cost per student is a factor in determining the percentage rate.

After careful review of this information the next step in this process is to find out what skills are most sought after by employers that are critical to employability.

  • Communication (written, speaking, and listening)
  • Analytical Skills/Research Skills (identify, scrutiny, improving, and streamlining)
  • Computer/Technical literacy (basic understanding with Word, Excel, and email)
  • Flexibility/Adaptability/Managing Priorities
  • Interpersonal Abilities (Team player, co-worker interaction)
  • Multi-cultural Sensitivity/Awareness
  • Planning/Organizing
  • Problem Solving/Reasoning/Creativity
  • Honesty/Integrity/Morality
  • Adaptability/Flexibility
  • Professionalism
  • Positive Attitude/Motivation/Energy/Passion
  • Self Confidence

Of these skills computer skills and functionality use of computers are of primary and critical importance to the prospective employer. These skills listed above are integrated into the high school and college curriculum and academia to equip students for work in the business world. Computers are evolving into a mandatory tool that integrates the skills listed above in tasks that the students complete in academia, graduation, and prepares them for the workforce.

Disparity in Higher Education Chart

California College Financing
California Workforce
CA Income
28% Average (high)
44481 (high)
16% Average (low)
32176 (,low)


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