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Dixie @ Dusk: Racism is a Matter of Settled Law

Updated on March 27, 2015

Supremacy and Racism

This essay's primary concern is the post modern issue (that is, antecedent to the Civil War Amendments and Civil Rights Act) of racism, holistically co-opting the public good (that is, Article 1 of the Constitution)! Good Ole' Florida where snowbirds are rapidly becoming endangered was used as the basis for these conclusions. It deals with religion in that racists attempt to put God into US law. It deals with law in that this dasterdly neo-movement tries to put what is in the public good into religion. It deals with people in that racists have a "members only" program.

The US Constitution states that Congress receives monies from the general public to provide a "common defense for the general welfare" of the people. Art. 1, sect. 8, US Const. The "necessary and proper" clause further along in this section gives congress the power to pass laws to this end. Finally, the Supremacy clause states that the US Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Art. 6, US Const. Racists obfuscate these legal guideposts. Instead, they focus on "God and unalienable rights" and the right to "pursue happiness," but these rights are found in the Declaration of Independence, a Revolutionary War document, having no force of law today! Racists take umbridge in words like "We the People," "He," and "His" found in this document to use the public good. The truth here is quite to the contrary. The truth is what the framers intended that in the absence of God, the people have to settle for man's law, US Constitution. The truth is the doms of dixie harp too long. To put it metaphorically, who could deny that sweet bar-b-que, sock-it-to-em cake, and southern belles are god-sends, but then nobody wants to be lectured with well-worn "er" words on the differences b/t a purse and backpack! To that end, it may behove one to try Arizona next time. It does not rain much there.


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