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Do Vitamin Pills also expire like antibiotics, pain-relievers and other medicines?

Updated on October 27, 2008

Yes vitamin pills have expiry date too

yes vitamin pills have expiry date too. the vitamin content of the tablet may decompose . but it makes no harm to you but using them will not be effective and there is a risk of side effects too . but it is not happening for all persons using them Vitamin E, oils, and fats stored in pills, capsules, or bottles may in fact lose a lot of nutrition by the coarse of time but not seriously harm you.most multi-vitamins will last years and years after the expiration date ( calcium and zinc pills) but there are exceptions.

My opinion

I agree that money is has value but it doesn't have a greater value than our life. i prefer to strictly follow the expiry date . you can use you to 3 or 4 months after expiry for vitamin tablets though .

i dont agree with the advice of using it over 2 or 3 years after expiry . because there me be no harm in vitamins but what about the preservatives and other chemicals . so to be safe,prevention of expired pills is better.


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    • profile image

      writeanything 8 years ago from india

      if a product has an expiry date then i recomend not to use it after that date but vitamin pills and syrups does nt harm but it will not be very effictive

    • profile image

      emma 8 years ago

      I would like to know I have a full bottle collegen with v-c which expired on 10-08 but I would like to drink them would they do any

      harm ?

    • rbnstr08 profile image

      rbnstr08 9 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for answering my request.  It was good to know about it because I was having some doubts on disposing some pills that do not show expiration date on their packs or bottles.  That puzzles me why I don't see expiration dates on them.