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Do You Believe in Destiny or Creating Your Own Path?

Updated on December 18, 2018
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Evie Sparkes is a published novelist. She also writes blogs about improving mental wellbeing and leading a calmer, more productive life.


Dictionary Definitions of Fate and Destiny

Fate: the development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.

Destiny: the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.

Destiny Verses Creation

Have you ever stopped to think about how we get to where we are going in life? Do you believe that everything is already set out for us, that there is a path we are destined to follow and there is no changing that? Or do you believe that we make it up as we go along. Creating each relationship, life event, job, children, no children? Is it all our own choice and our own making?

Not Sure Yet?

Are you in the 'not so sure' camp? If you do believe that everything is down to some master plan created by God or some other ethereal being, then don't you wonder why we're even here?

If it was always going to happen this way and there is nothing we can do so hey, we'd better just lump it then what is the actual point of anything?

I had a conversation with some older friends (much older) and they informed me, yes informed me like it was a fact, that doomsday is coming. How do they know this? because the bible says so and it is already set. Everyone but the evangelical are due to be wiped off the fact of the earth!

I don't appose anyone's belief. They can choose to believe what they like. I just don't get it.

I love the idea what we make things up as we go. It's exciting and it opens up all kinds of possibilities. I can actually strive for something better, even if I don't think there's much hope of ever getting it.

If we do have a destiny to fulfil, then am I destined to drink this coffee at this particular time in this exact place?

You can't subscribe to destiny and then opt out from it all at the same time. Or can you?

Try Creating and See What Happens

My Mum is firmly in the 'don't believe in anything' camp since my Dad passed away. She suddenly decided it was all a load of old rubbish and said 'we just die and that's it'

I used to think so too. But how can I truly believe that when I believe in science. That tells us that we are all energy and energy can't die. So it stands to reason that we can't die.

Just for a few weeks, try having an open mind. Try directing your attention towards something you think is out of the question, unattainable. Imagine yourself doing that thing, just for a few minutes every evening. You will suddenly notice that it has started to feel like a possibility rather than a far off dream.

It's my belief that there is no such thing as fate or coincidence, but then I guess that's another blog post!

Were You Always Set To Marry Him?

If you believe in destiny, the that means that you were always set to marry the person you married, always set to work in the office you dread every day, always set to have one child, always set to have a volvo estate and no disposable income.

Depressing right? Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of thinking we are what we are and we can't do any better anyway. We limit ourselves and we shouldn't.

Try NOT believing in destiny, try believing in magic instead. It's was more exciting!


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