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Do You Have Anger Management Issues?

Updated on April 21, 2010

Do You Have Anger Management Issues?

Do You Have Anger Management Issues?

It is very fascinating to discover that there are so many people in the world who have hot heads, and uncontrollable anger issues. We all become angry at some point in our lives about various things. I have learned through my life not to allow people or things that happen in my life to be the catalyst to producing anger in my life.

Anger can be brought on by people who you do not enjoy being in your life, but it is very easy to control those situations, and I discussed that in one of my hubs, pertinent to, dealing with abrasive people.

It is funny how we interact with people, who are abrasive or short tempered, or just people who refuse to find any joy in their lives, and it is a shame that those sort of people walk around throughout their entire lives mad at the world about absolutely nothing. That's right, that's exactly what I said. People who are walking around mad at the world, and at people, live their entire lives, mad at the world about absolutely nothing.

So, here are tips to recognize if you have anger management issues.

* Do You become angry or upset at people or at the least little things that occurs in your life?

**NOTE**If you are mad about the least little events that occur in your life, or at people and you feel depressed, you may have some mental health issues that need to be addressed immediately. so seek counseling or professional help.

If you have underlying mental health issues, and you are taking medicine to control your anger. Do not stop taking your medicine, and do not attempt to change your medicine or self medicate yourself, without proper professional care

*Stress can lead to stress related illnesses. Stress tears down or suppresses your immune system as well. Stress that contributes to anger or anger that contributes to stress shortens your lifespan, remember that.

**NOTE** Some people who smoke, drink or do drugs, are doing these things to relieve the stress. You are not going to find any relief by drinking alcohol, doing drugs, or smoking cigarettes

Here's something to think about, when you are using drugs, the drugs are artificial stimuli. For instance, people with anger management issues who use cocaine to treat their anger. Did you know, that drugs like cocaine, actually will alter the neural receptors in your brain? Drugs like cocaine, will alter the chemistry of your brain, if that person becomes a habitual cocaine drug user.

So, if you are doing any drugs like cocaine, meth, just to name a few, STOP doing drugs, or DO NOT ATTEMPT to treat your anger yourself with drugs such as cocaine, or Meth. Do not attempt to treat your medical conditions yourself, go and see a doctor ASAP.

When you use Meth, over a period of time, Meth, will start to leave holes in your brain, literally affecting your memory, as well as affecting cognitive brain functions. If you saw how Meth was produced, you would never want to EVER think about putting that junk in your body.

*Identify what it is that causes your anger

*Stop blaming others for things that occur in your life, you should take responsibility for ALL of your actions. Use realism when you look at yourself, know the things that you need to deal within yourself, and stop blaming others for the things that occur in your life. In other words, learn how to not make excuses for things that you contribute in your life, that causes you anger and frustration.

*There are not any promises in this life, that everyday you live, your life will be cherry, you will be faced with challenges in your life, and how you deal with those challenges, will determine who you are as a person. Do you resolve things that happen in your life, or do you internalize them?

*Allowing others to move you to anger, shows that you can be easily manipulated.

*NOTE* Allowing others to produce anger in you, solves nothing, learn to ignore people in your life, who have nothing better to do, than to antagonize you. I have seen this in the workplace as well.

Where people walk in the corporate environment, mad at everything, and he or she is unable to perform their job. so, they run around in the workplace, attempting to manipulate others to anger.

Anger is also very counter productive in the workplace too. Anger in the workplace is a distraction. Anger in the work place, creates chaos as well in the work environment too. I always seem to hear all of these experts, who claim that chaos in the workplace is a good thing, and I totally disagree.

I believe that people who run around in the corporate workplace, inciting anger or manipulating other individuals into anger mode, have nothing better to do with their lives, and people who do these sort of things are not very smart people at all, meaning, those sort of people lack intelligence and social skills in the corporate workplace.

*If you start looking into statistics about anger, when anger occurs in the workplace, homicides are not too far from the anger that people exhibit in the workplace.

*Anger can be viewed as a form of control too, remember that as well.

*Do not allow anger to move you to perform violent acts in your life. You do know that when you act out anger in a violent fashion, you will either end up in jail or prison, or dead

There are so many stressful things in our world today, learn how to manage stress or eliminate the things that causes anger and stress in your life.....Lose the Anger

*Learn how to Meditate

*Embrace something productive in life

*Why would you want to spend your days and nights angry about the people or the events in your life?

*Why would you allow anybody you encounter, in your life to move you to anger?

*People who attempt to antagonize me in my life, are not in my life, I do not associate myself with angry individuals. So, choose the people in your life, that you enjoy being with in your life. Remember, the ole saying, "Birds of a feather flock together."

*Learn to find the inner peace within yourself first. If you learn to love yourself, all of the rest of the things in life, that make you angry, will probably not seem that important for you to become angry over in your lifetime anymore.

In other words, life is too short, to be walking around with all of that internal anger inside of you, get rid of it, before it destroys you, and ENJOY & CHERISH the things that you deem important in your life.


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