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Do You Know the Benefits of the New Google Hummingbird Algorithm?

Updated on December 29, 2013

Google’s Hummingbird was specifically designed to deliver enhanced results especially for users with voice queries. The algorithm was also launched in an attempt to offering more accurate results through understanding the intent of the search and refining those results on specific contexts such as the location as well as the information regarding the researcher. This means that hummingbird tries to understand the entire query and not necessarily the keywords. In accordance to Almerand, (2013, 3) this is a significant transition whereby, search engines are able to understand particular concepts instead of simply understanding keywords. Hummingbird aims to understand the intention of the particular query as well as offering relevant answers instead with no reliance on keywords.

It endeavors to detect or understand what the user intents instead of focusing on the keywords that are used in the search bar. For example, rather than matching a phrase like “kindle replacement” hummingbird will focus overall search query in determining if the user wants to perform the repairs himself or if he/ she is looking for a shop that could do the repairs. This approach will be significant for users since they will be able to search and find what they are looking in a faster manner. This is more particular if the question being asked is simply entered into the search bar where answers are being sought instead of trying to find relevant keywords.

The hummingbird will be essentially beneficial to small business enterprises who would anticipate for an enhanced search results in the case when trying to leverage the local events and news in order to updates their websites. In a similar way, business enterprises in similar markets will find the hummingbird beneficial owing to the fact that people are now using search terms that are more specific and which are much longer, it therefore translates that higher pertinent phrases would now be easily ranked.

In essence, Google’s humming bird focuses on finding content that is relevant, high quality and matches that align with the user searches. Putting it more simply, it filters content in a more effectively way. This is very important for people whose sites have already high content as the algorithm will ultimately perform better with regard to ranking and appearance in the user’s searches.


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