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Do You Need To Hire A Houston Wrongful Death Lawyer?

Updated on February 20, 2011

Big companies all across the United States depend on the average citizen to be blindly ignorant of their rights, especially when a family member dies from the negligence of an employer. This not to say every time someone dies while at work, it is the fault of whom they work for, but when the situation arises, the spouse or immediate family will know very quickly. The company will usually send a lawyer out to get a form signed, and possibly offer a small amount of money in the form of a check to entice a quick signing of the paperwork.

Houston Wrongful Death Lawyer

Houston Wrongful Death Lawyers
Houston Wrongful Death Lawyers | Source

Get Proper Legal Counsel Before Signing Anything

The previously mentioned tactic is a sure sign that the employer knows they were at fault, and that this could easily turn into a much larger lawsuit that they would prefer to avoid, and not have to pay for in the end. People sometimes think that they know the ins and outs of the civil legal system from watching television shows such as Law and Order. The fact of the matter is that those TV dramas are written fictitiously, and for creative purposes will change what was once a true story into something more dramatic to gain the attention of their potential audience.

Houston Wrongful Death Attorney

Only a Houston wrongful death lawyer with proper credentials and experience will have the information a person needs when faced with such a disaster. They are there to represent your best interests in, and out of the courtroom while the negotiations and trial are proceeding. The lawyer will also have a vast network of professionals that can help in the case, such as investigators, researchers, and professional witnesses concerning certain medical or industrial subject matter. Even down to helping with finding the right therapist, or counselor needed to help family work through their emotional issues with losing a loved one.

Texas Trial Lawyers In Houston

Talking To Potential Houston Lawyers For Your Case

Do not be afraid to ask potential lawyers, about their education, experience, and even for references on cases similar to the on you are facing currently. A successful litigator will have no problems at all in revealing this information, and much more even without a request.

In summary, never talk to , sign, or even entertain any offers, or help from the victim’s employer until you have secured proper legal representation. There are times when even after a person has signed a release of liability, or has taken money from the company, an attorney can still help. The results will be much harder to obtain, and the final settlement may not be what is needed for future family support with these circumstances in place.


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