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Do You Think Your House is Haunted?

Updated on October 22, 2009

Paranormal Article

Most people who encounter a paranormal event explain it by being a product of their overactive imagination. It is often easier and safer to attribute unexplained occurrences to imagination than to something they have no control over. However, in most cases, when a location is haunted, there comes a time when even the staunchest disbeliever has to admit that what they are experiencing is not imagination, but something paranormal.

Unfortunately, the normal first reaction to a paranormal event is fear. Fear is the worst emotion a person should exhibit when confronted by a supernatural incident. If the entity in the location is not friendly, it can feed on the family's fear and become stronger. The only real damage a disembodied entity can do is to invoke fear. It is often difficult not to become fearful when unexplained events are taking place in your home or work place, but the more you know, the less you fear. So the key is to understand what is happening and try to find out why the departed are still around and attempting to make themselves known. In most cases, once you acknowledge the uninvited presence and learn to live with it, the encounter becomes no longer something to be fearful of, and it can become an interesting life experience.

The first step in understanding what is happening is to recognize some of the symptoms of a ghost haunting or spirit presence. There is a difference between the two. A ghost is actually an imprint on the atmosphere and is no longer at the site where it has been seen. A ghost, when seen, performs the same actions, over and over again. For instance, a lady walking (gliding) down a flight of stairs. Another example would be civil war soldiers at an ancient battleground. The highly emotionally charged atmosphere was so intense when it originally took place that it actually imprinted itself on the atmosphere. The scene then replays over and over again, usually when a “trigger” sets the scene in motion again. One cannot communicate with a ghost, because it is no longer there. Because they are simply an impression, there is no reason to fear a ghost sighting. If you see a ghost, consider yourself fortunate and just enjoy the experience.

On the other hand, a spirit is the disembodied energy force of someone who was once alive and who has passed (died). It is possible for some people to communicate with spirits. When they are seen, they do not usually execute the same actions repeatedly. A spirit has not moved on to the next dimension after its death. It is connected to the location, or to a relative to make sure they are okay.

People who have mental issues or who are violent while alive might have the same issues after they pass on. Therefore, there have been instances where spirit encounters have not been friendly. However, most of the time, lingering spirits were ordinary people while alive and encounters with them after they pass, although disconcerting, should not be frightening.

So how does one know if their house is hanuted? The following events are some indications of a spirit presence:

  • Missing objects, or objects that have been moved without explanation. In some instances, the missing items are returned, and other times they are never seen again.
  • Unexplained sounds: knocking, footsteps, or voices.

  • Cupboard or cabinet doors open or close by unseen hands. Room doors open when they have been locked, or close and possibly lock on their own.

  • Radio, Televisions, or other electrically appliances start of turn off on their own. Sometimes the appliance will continue to operate even after it has been unplugged.
  • If a person or a pet has ever died in your home, there is a possibility that they are still in the home. Some people have reported feeling their deceased pets jump on their beds during the night.
  • Your pets react as though they are frightened of something you cannot see. Dogs barking at an area where you can't see anything there. Cats running away or hissing at something you cannot see.
  • You, or someone else who comes to visit you, sees movement or figures out of the corner of their eye.
  • You feel atmospheric changes: cold spots, hot spots, or “denseness” of the air. It often becomes difficult to breathe when the atmosphere becomes, "thick or heavy."

  • Energy draws can also occur--batteries draining without reason, electirical appliance failures, and light bulbs that have energy surges or brightness variances.
  • You, or someone else who visits, feels something unseen touch them.
  • The home has been built over a cemetery, battlefield or a sacred site.
  • You, or someone else who visits, has an overwhelming feeling of being watched.

  • Items move on their own...rocking chairs rock, things move across a counter or a room by unseen hands.

  • Items fall off a wall without provication. In most cases the nail that held the item to the wall is still in place.

A paranormal event can be an intensely personal experience. Whether other people believe you or not, do not be afraid to acknowledge what you have encountered. If any or numerous of the above experiences have happened to you, I recommend that you keep a record of the events in some sort of a journal. This might be a clue as to who is behind the activity and what they are trying to communicate to you.

If you would like your home investigated free of charge, please contact me at

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      Great hub! Your article is very detailed and informative. Thanks!