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Do You Want to Know, or is Delusion More Comfortable?

Updated on November 2, 2013
Moulin, Dinotopia from Sebastien Cevey
Moulin, Dinotopia from Sebastien Cevey
Charles Darwin from Claudio Toledo
Charles Darwin from Claudio Toledo
missing_link from Freelance Twins
missing_link from Freelance Twins
roswell crash from yacielcruz
roswell crash from yacielcruz
Ica Stones of Peru from
Ica Stones of Peru from
Precambrian Metal Spheres 2.8 billion years old. from VirtueScience
Precambrian Metal Spheres 2.8 billion years old. from VirtueScience
Roswell Crash Victims from Upload News
Roswell Crash Victims from Upload News
Origin of Species from SURE UCSB
Origin of Species from SURE UCSB

Do You Want to Know,

or is Delusion More Comfortable?

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

Know that before you dismiss this outright,

you can be open enough to consider,

for your own sake,

words that can change perspective, your world,

and know also that these words,

come from an unexpected place,

not from a guru surrounded by zealots,

not from a leader of the masses,

of religion, philosophy or ideology,

but from science,

from those few, open enough to disregard convention

and stand by the truth.

Believe or don't believe,

question or don't question,

it makes no difference,

because truth remains in the end,

stark and irrefutable,

and how you respond,

regardless of what that response is,

is but a tiny ripple in the waters of life,

hardly noticed.

The only person you have to face in the end, is yourself

whether you are a follower or open enough to acknowledge the truth when you see it.

Science is filled with theories and those theories over the years can become a perceived truth, because there has been no definitive proof found to support a scientific law. Science therefore, when challenged or a discovery reveals a different idea, rejects that discovery because it has invested too much in the Status Quo, the current understanding. For example 'The Origin of Species', Charles Darwin's work is a 'theory' that has been undeniably proven wrong at its core, yet it remains as part of our school curriculum. Beyond adaptations to environment and changes due to the survival of the fittest, his theory is fraught with conjecture. In other words his idea is that- 'a bear can evolve into a whale' if given enough time and opportunity to evolve, according to Darwinian fundamental theory (This statement was removed from 'The Origin of Species', after Darwin himself doubted its validity). Not one fossil has been found to support his theory: proof of adaptations yes, one species changing to another, no. Sounds stupid doesn't it, yet this is what we teach our children.

The so called fossil evidence, dating back to the beginning of life on earth is based on strata dating, which is based on assumptions of how long it takes to create a layer of 'silt' for example, each strata layer equalling an amount of time from a geological standpoint. Yet layers created in cataclysmic events can be created in a day and therefore disprove the dating assumptions. Most fossils have resulted from cataclysmic events, otherwise their remains would have been devoured by scavengers and their bones eventually turned to dust. It has been proven with fossil records that modern man lived and interacted with dinosaurs, some 2.5 million years ago according to strata dating, but more likely 100,000 odd years ago in reality. The so-called missing link has never been found. Why? Because there is none. There was no transition from ape to modern man: Darwinian Theory. So where did we come from?

There is irrefutable evidence that alien species have been here on earth from the beginning of time.

Many remain in memory through myth and legend (dragons, travellers from the sky, for example), but reality falls not far from how truth has been recorded and in the end, dressed down by science and academia, through the ages. There are endless artefacts, many centuries old depicting aliens, space ships and distant star constellations, and the results of technology not known or understood at the time, in relatively primitive societies. Primitive carvings depicting heart transplants and highly technical medical procedures are documented many thousands of years ago, yet mainstream science denies it, denies proof. Maps have been found with extremely accurate mapping of the Antarctica; the land mass before it was covered with ice, maps produced some two thousand years before its actual discovery. These maps were stated to be composites of even earlier maps. Again science denies the possibility and the proof.

In the last century alien craft have been countlessly recorded and have landed on earth, some crashed by accident, revealing bodies as well as a few survivors who have explained in detail our origins over their remaining life span here on earth (some forty years- their eventual deaths not understood by our science). They have explained that it was they who manipulated their own DNA to create the human species (an experiment), and continue to monitor our progress with great interest. These beings have been known, photographed and their knowledge documented and used in much of our current technologies, and will no doubt be used in our future developments. Why don't you know all this? Because governments are frightened how human beings will respond to the truth and therefore go out of their way to suppress it or discredit it.

The world is governed by power and money, all of which can be negatively influenced by change, and in particular, changes to our perceptions of life and where we have come from is of concern to stability, and therefore governments. It has never been an advantage to share this kind of knowledge as it contradicts current beliefs, religion and many philosophies that keep the world and the masses in relative balance, and therefore content and controllable.

We can live our lives oblivious to the truth, and in blissful ignorance of who and what we are, but I for one would rather know: not the conspiracies, the conjectures, but the evidence that supports an alternate truth to what we think we know. The proof is abundant if you choose to seek it. And yes, it appears fantastic and unlikely to a rational mind, compared to what we have been taught, and it is generally driven to silence as ridiculous conspiracy theories or nonsense from madmen. Yet the proof is there, should you relent the comfort of delusion. The choice is yours.

The book to read for a start, which was the result of eight years of research into related anomalous scientific discoveries, is 'Forbidden Archaeology' by Michael Cremo and Dr. Richard Thompson.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony DeLorger 

      5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks again browella. Yes, I think the truth often lies between what we've been told and what we can imagine.

    • brownella profile image


      5 years ago from New England

      Great hub. I totally agree that many people seem so afraid to seem naive or stupid that they never question anything fed to them from "intellectuals" even if it makes absolutely no sense. Isn't every great discovery realized because someone somewhere is not afraid to be laughed at or considered a fool?

    • Tony DeLorger profile imageAUTHOR

      Tony DeLorger 

      5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks for your comment Castlepaloma. It's interesting how imagination has played an important part in discovering truth, Jules Verne a perfect example. Without fantasy, the truth could be lost forever, our minds limited by rules and laws created to give us security in our existence. Possibility is our path of inquiry and discussing it the key to further our knowledge.

    • Castlepaloma profile image


      5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      My 40 years of work as an artist in mostly relates to subjects of history and fantasy. Reaching for facts to form a metaphor rather than a lack of reason that stays at a myths. Since we all lack 99% true facts and experiences about the earth. Imagination ends up, everything we have once achieved and dreams is all we can hope for, to get closer to the truth or we cease to exist.

      I think Darwin was aiming for the truth, since we have doubled our lifespan and 85% of people think about evolution since his arrival, large steps for mankind have been achieved.


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