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Do universities push a liberal agenda onto students?

Updated on August 11, 2016

correlation of higher education and nationalism within Brexit

Recent political events have shown that a higher learning education is closely linked with the liberal outlook. One of these would of been the Brexit situation in the United Kingdom, the places which voted to remain within the EU were more likely to have a higher rate of a higher education degree. You might ask what this has to do with liberalism? Well when it came down to the reasons that the voters would either vote to stay in the EU or to leave the EU came down to a select few things, many of the leave party voters were deciding their vote based off of the refugee crisis and that the immigration crisis that would be soon to hit and has already hit the United Kingdom. Another reason for the voting of leaving the EU was pure and simple nationalism , they did not want invisible bourgeoisie leaders to be deciding the laws of the country from an ivory tower in Brussels. This nationalistic view and anti-immigration is a very non liberal way of thinking and these thoughts are mainly being had in low income and low educated places. To juxtapose this nationalistic view of the working class is the middle to higher class who have a higher rate of higher education degrees and have a higher income than their counterparts, these are the people who voted to remain within the EU. These reasoning for these people to leave the EU and the remain party as a whole was a lot less nationalistic in comparison to the leave party, the arguments were economics based and how remaining will be able to help the people as a whole. And while I'm not going to get into the class struggle within the United Kingdom and how remaining helps the middle class but not the working class the remain party basing it's reasoning on fact and the leave was basing theirs in nationalistic pride, we saw which worked better. To conclude, there are quite obviously other factors which lead to the leaving of the EU but their is a very evident correlation between nationalism and higher education. Whether or not this shows that with a higher education comes a loss of nationalism and a rise in liberal views, it's hard to say

Correlation graph


Liberalism and the spread of information

The rise of liberalism is obviously quite evident in the more recent years than ever before in history, people are becoming more accepting of other people especially in the western world and what i ask is this due to social changes such as the loss of the traditional family or the decline in religion within the house hold, or is to do with the free and easier spread of information that we have now more so than ever. As the the spread of information have increased the views of the people have changed with it as stated the decline of religion was a social change brought on by the free spread of information and the ability for one to make their own choices. I could go on a whole tangent about how it's social engineering to make the people more docile and controllable through censored information and sound like a conspiracy theorist but maybe another day. People with an university to degree are more likely to have a liberal view maybe more accepting and so on and this could be done through the universities and the way that study is done ( personally i have found that university is a far more liberal place than any other kind of schooling i have attended ) but without concrete factual evidence it is hard to say for certain is merely just a change people have been noticing. While to some liberalism isn't a bad thing it is in fact a very good thing to some it is not good for a single way of thinking to be completely dominating news outlets. The reason a liberal agenda can be pushed on the news is because the people being hired for the news are university graduates who have been moulded by their university and have been taught to think a certain way and now they are teaching the masses to do the same. While the spread of information is a great thing it can shape the mind of a person in many ways it seems now that a liberal agenda is being pushed by the state. Knowledge is extremely powerful and if you have the ability to limit the knowledge of the people to think a certain way it is even more powerful.

To Conclude

I know in this article i have gone a little bit conspiracy anti government on you but the point still remains that the modern people are more educated than ever and more liberal than ever and whether this is just the way of the people, when they are given the choice to live they live liberally or it is an agenda being pushed by the state and by education as a whole. Most of the more highly educated countries in the world are swinging more towards liberalism in the minds of the people with some exceptions here and there I.E china. Maybe this is just the true thought of the people but it is always good to question and my question is, do you think higher education is moulding it's students minds with liberal ideals?


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