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Do we have parallel universe?

Updated on June 28, 2012
Quantum leap
Quantum leap

Do we have another universe???

What a weird question is this? Yes, it is weird question, but is is not as weird as we already observe some phenomenon in this world. Well, not visually, but subtly. Those who know a bit about quantum physics, this question is not so weird after all. For objects big enough for us to see like ball, cars, human, it is easier to find a definitive location at any point of time if we are observing or if not observing. However this is not the same at sub atomic level. At sub atomic level, for example in case of electron, it is not easy to tell a definitive location at any given point of time. This is because at sub atomic particle level, object behave like waves. So using wave theory, you may find probability of finding an electron at any given location at any given point of time but will never be 100%.

To understand the concept of parallel universe, you need to first understand the theory of quantum entanglement. Quantum Entanglement happens when two small particles like electron, or molecule interact for some time and are separated. This interaction is such that each member of the pair share the same quantum description which is indefinite in terms of its properties. Its a kind of superimposition, so when measurement is made, one particle show one definitive value of property and the corresponding particle shows the correlative value. And the amazing fact is that, this phenomenon do not depends on the distance between the two particle.

Parallel Universe
Parallel Universe

Now let us go a bit deeper in quantum mechanics. Neil Bohr, the famous physicist showed a small particle like electron can be in any number of state at any point of time. This means its quite possible to observe an electron at different state or at different places. Then why this quantum physics phenomenon seems to vanish as the size of object increases. Why can't we human who are are also made of such small particle can be at different place at any given time.

That's exactly where the concept of parallel world come into the scene. In case of electron or any other tiny particle, the human observation field is very big compared to their size. Hence we are able to understand the law of quantum physics related to small particles. We can deduce formula to predict the probability of finding the electron at any given place. And we know that there is a probability of finding them at many different places at the same time. However in cases of bigger objects like car, man etc, our observation field is not big enough. Imagine if your area of observation increases to not just this universe but to many other universe which are running parallel. In that case, all the possible position outcome of small particle or human being out of bohr's probability equation can be fulfilled by finding the object in different universe. This concept however is difficult to prove by any experiment unless you are sitting at God's place and can see all the parallel universe at the same time. But at the same time, it cannot be negated by any experiment due to same reasons.

Parallel universe - Answer to Albert Einstein dice question.

Einstein once famously remarked, while negating quantum physics that 'God don't throw dice'. Although quantum physics always showed from experiment to experiment that in case of small particle like electron, it was like throwing dice to get the position of particle. However this remark was always in back of mind that world do not work on probability. What about the other outcomes of probability equations. What about them?

However if we assume that there are enough parallel universes to fulfill all the outcomes of the equation and also assume that all these outcomes are quantum entangled, then not only we answer Einstein's dice question but we can also apply quantum physics to any bigger objects like car, human, earth or even this solar system.

If you want to discuss more on this, you can contact me through Otherwise, you can use the comment box below.


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    • navneetjha profile image

      navneetjha 5 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      Thanks DMOP.. What I have written above is all I could think as a possibility of having Multiverse.. There are some ither explanations and as well.. I will also check Norman's theory as well.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

    • dmop profile image

      dmop 5 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

      I have been intrigued by this idea for some time and have done a lot of reading on it. It is almost too much for the mind to comprehend, but I certainly believe it is a possibility. Earnest Norman had some very insightful ideas on the subject in the early fifties, so far his explanation is the best I have read about, you might check it out if you get a chance. I voted this up and interesting.