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What If We Lived in a Video Game Simulation?

Updated on November 10, 2017
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Hello! This is a topic I have been thinking about for a while, and I would like to get my ideas out there to hear some feedback from you!

Is there proof that we do live in a simulation?

There is no scientific proof that we live inside a simulation. If there was proof, then you would have known about it already before you got to this page. However; we are here to discuss what would happen if we are indeed just inside a video game. These theories are based on what I think would happen. If you have different ideas on what would happen, please let me know in the comments below.

What if we were the artificial intelligence within a video game?

When thinking about this topic, I always think about anime I have seen in which the characters go into a video game, anime such as Sword Art Online, Overlord, and KonoSuba. The characters that are native to those video games see their own worlds as normal. If those native characters came out of their virtual worlds and into the "real world" of said anime they are from, then they would be astonished by how different the "real world" is to their world.

If we lived within a video game, how different would that "real world" be compared to ours? Would it be a futuristic world with flying cars, space travel, etc. It could just be a different take of the world we live in now, such as a parody of the "real world". One example would be the Grand Theft Auto series, which parodies events and cultures that our world has.The possibilities of what the real world could be are endless!

If we did live in a simulated universe within a video game, then the chances of us finding proof that we do live in one would probably be impossible. We would be at the mercy of the game developers who made us. They would control what we think and do. So, who's to say they can't stop us from figuring out we are just a bunch of 1s and 0s? This would be Orwell on overdrive. Not only would they monitor our every move, we would not have any free will.

Here is a scary thought. If we were indeed the AI of a video game, and a developer did not like one of us, we could simply be deleted. Nobody would know that deleted person ever existed. There could also be significant events that have happened within our simulated world that were erased from our memories. The more you delve into this topic, the creepier it gets.

What if we were the players of a video game simulation?

Imagine you are an elderly person. You fall asleep one night and peacefully pass away in your sleep, only to wake up sitting on a chair or laying on your bed, and you are wearing a full dive VR helmet. You're in a completely different universe. You take the helmet off and think for a few moments about what you just experienced. You just lived out an entire life-span. You went to school, got a job, met the love of your life, had children, and went through a mid-life crises. You met so many wonderful people, made friends and enemies. All of that is now gone. Living through an 80+ year life, then you look at the time, and only half an hour has gone by since you put that helmet on. How would you react? Would you be shocked by what you just experienced, only to appear in this unfamiliar, alien world? Well... no.

My theory is, you might not think much of it. Maybe you'll say "oh that was a cool", then get on with your life. I believe it would not be much of a big deal because chances are, you have done it before. Just like how we play video games here. We buy a new game, we play it and have fun playing it. However, once we are done playing it, we just get on with our lives. Most of us have at least played several video games in our lives. We play games to escape reality for a while and immerse ourselves In whatever it is we are playing. However, when we snap back to reality, we don't say "woah, where am I? What happened?".

Our brains are able to process the differences of what is real and what is a video game, unless you're Ako Tamaki of course.... Even though you just lived an 80 year long life, your brain will realize what you just experienced was not real, and it will snap back to reality. You will remember everything about your real life. As for all of the friends and family you had in this world? Sure, you might miss them for a while, maybe even cry, but you'll get over it because you've done it before. You've gone through other simulations, lived other lives, all for fun because it is a video game. How do you think you would react in this situation?

Let me know what you think!

Do you agree with any of the points that I brought up? Is there anything you would add on? Let me know in the comments, and if you have any further questions, feel free to contact me :) .


Do you believe we live in any sort of simulation?

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      FoldingOperator 3 months ago

      Elon Musk seems to think so. He's pretty damned smart, so maybe? It would make sense. There's a whole ton of videos on YouTube about this, and even a religion or two.