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Do we need others?

Updated on March 26, 2017

People for many years have been asking a very crucial question: do we need others?

As a student who loves humanity and is devoted to its issues, I decided to find answers to that very paramount question, for it is not a question that can have only one answer.

As far as I can guess, this question can take more than one year to be thoroughly answered, but I tried as hard as I could to find some good answeres to it in a very short time, though.Indeed, I have been thinking about it for more than two days, without using internet.As a result, I came up with a set of some good answers:

-we ought to know that we need others to come to the being because we can not come to life unless two people(others)live together and give birth to a baby(we).
-we should know that we are social living things, so we need the others to communicate with and to appreciate what we do.
-we should know that the others paly a great role in every success we achieve or any hapiness we enjoy regardless of the bad things and pain others cause us because pain and bad things are overcomeable, and we can forget them as soon as they do good things for us.
-we should know that all the great things we achieve in our life are because of others.Suppose you were successful.How could you be successful if there was no competition with others?

These are just some answers that I think are good, but if you really want to have great answers to that question, it would take you, as I mentioned earlier, as long as one year.

My final comment is that there is a truth that can never be denied: we are in great need of others.For exmaple, you want to be successful, so what would be the purpose behind wanting to be a successful person? I am not going to answer it for you because I want you to answer it, but let me help you: you may say I want to get money, a shiny car, a big house, a beutiful wife/a handsome husband, fame, etc.In short, you want to have a better life than the one you have now.Yes?Then, let me ask you a simple question: will those things last after you die? The simplest answer is NO.Then you might ask: so why do I want to be successful?The simplest answer is you want to be successful to leave a good impression in people's minds about you, as well as to be a role-model for others to want to be like and imitate.At the end, you will always notice how others are important in your life, so be kind to others becuase you really need them.


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