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Do you know about Lake Toba Folklore myth?

Updated on June 19, 2011

Lake Toba by SCP

Where is Lake Toba?

If you have visited Indonesia or went to Bali Island, you might have heard about Lake Toba. The lake is located in the North Sumatra have a surface elevation of about 900 metres (2,953 ft) from sea level. It is the largest volcanic lake in the world. To reach this lake, you can fly to Medan which is North Sumatra province. And then, drive about 3-4 hours to Lake Toba or using public transportation from Medan to Lake Toba. Lake Toba is one of the most travel place for vacation by tourist.

Lake Toba in the Google map

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Toba, Indonesia
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In North Sumatra, there is a very large lake with an island in the middle of it. The lake was known as Lake Toba , while the island is called Samosir Island. It is said the lake is occurred from the curse of the gods.

A Long time ago, in a village in the region of Sumatra, there lived a farmer. He was a farmer who worked in his farm tirelessly, although the farm is small. He could meet his needs from the results of a relentless work. Though he was rather old, he is still single (i.e. not married) and he still chose to live alone. On a sunny morning, the farmer was fishing in the rivers. "Hopefully today I got a big fish," the farmer murmured to himself. Some time after he casted the bait, he could feel the bait was bitten and it seen wagging. He immediately pulled the bait. Farmers were cheered with joy after getting a big fish.

He was amazed to see the beautiful colors of fish scales. Fish scales are yellow gold pinky colors. The fish eyes are round and emitting stunning flashes. "Wait, Do not eat me! I would be willing to accompany you if you did not eat me.” Farmers are surprised to hear the voice of the fish. Shockingly enough, he dropped the fish he caught fell to the ground. Then not long after, the fish changed into a beautiful girl. "Did I have a dream?" muttered the farmer.

"Do not be afraid of me, I'm also a human like you. I am deeply indebted to you for having saved me from the curse of the Gods,” the girl said. "My name is Putri (Putri in Indonesian means Princes), I do not mind to be your wife," the girl said with her urging voice. The farmer rose nodded without hesitation. They then become husband and wife. However, there is one promise he had agreed, that they should not be told that the origin of the wife as a fish. If the promise is broken there will be a terrible calamity.

When he arrived in his village, the villagers stirred to see beautiful girl with farmer. "She may be an angel descended from heaven," they muttered. Farmer feels very happy and peaceful. As a good husband, he continued to work for a living by working the farm with diligence and perseverance. Due to his diligence and tenacity, there is no shortage of peasant life in his life. Many people are jealous, and they spread the bad supposition that could topple the success of the farmer. "I know the farmer must have a ghost spirit that protects him!" Someone said to her friend. The news reached the ears of the farmer and Putri. But they do not feel offended, even more diligent work.

A year later, the farmer and his wife's happiness increases, because the farmer's wife gave birth to a baby boy. He was given the name of the Putra (Putra means son in Indonesian). Their happiness does not make them forget themselves. Putra grow into a healthy and strong child. He became a good boy with a slight naughtiness. He has a habit of making surprise of his parents, that he is always hungry. He can eat three portions of meal as one meal.

boat ride in lake

Eventually, Putra always annoy his father. If asked to help parents work, he always refused. The farmer's wife always reminds his husband to be patient over his child act. "Yes, I will be patient, though, he's our son!" said the farmer to his wife. "Thankfully, you thought that way. you were a good husband and father, "said Putri to her husband.

It is said, that patience has limits. This is experienced by the farmer. One day, Putra was given the task of delivering food and drinks to the farm where his father was working. But the Son does not fulfill his duty. The farmer awaited the arrival of her child, holding his stomach with thirst and hunger. He went straight home and saw her son was playing ball in front of their house. The farmer became angry as he twisted his child’s ear. "You do not know benefited! Selfish! No wonder you are a Fish Child! “ unconsciously the farmer has said the taboo words.

After the farmers say the words, immediately his wife and children vanished without a trace and trail. And the front lawn of the house land was abruptly opened; then a very intense water erupted upward and more profusely. The village and all the surrounding villages submerged. Overflow water is very high and wide so as to eventually form a lake.  The lake was eventually known as Lake Toba, while the island in the middle is known as Samosir Island.

Niagara Hotel

Do you recommend to visit this place?

I have been visiting Lake Toba multiple times. It is very good place to visit with family. The lake area is very relaxing. You can also try ocal delicacy. I had a visit early this year and stayed at Niagara Hotel & Resorts. I really enjoy my visit.


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    • chan0512 profile image

      chan0512 7 years ago from Camarillo, CA

      Thanks Peter! Glad you like it.

    • Peter Dickinson profile image

      Peter Dickinson 7 years ago from South East Asia

      A fascinating story which I enjoyed a lot. Often legends of this type have their roots in fact. Thank you for sharing.