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Types of Organization System

Updated on February 5, 2011

Management and strategic level system

There are so many types of organizational systems available in an organization. The systems depends with the activities and the number of staff it support. Below are the existing system found in an organization

Organaztion Management System

Monitors control, decision making and administrative activities of middle level managers. They try to answer questions like Which thing is working well by comparing days output with that of another month or year. They provide period reports rather than instant / daily information on operations e.g how the actual cost exceed it's budget.

  • They support non routine decision making
  • They focus on less structured decision for whichut information are not always clear.
  • They answer what if questions?, try to achieve goals for the future e.g Ask question what could have been the impact on production?, schedules of uses the sale in August
  • They get information they process from operational level systems e.g Information on market analysis anrd sales analysis e.t.c. They also get data from outside organization

Organisation Strategic Level System

Strategic are long term planning.

  • They support long range planning in an organization
  • Are used by senior level managers
  • They help senior managers to tacle and address strategic issues and long term trends both in the organization and external environment
  • They try to match changes in the external environment with the organization capabilities
  • They deal with longterm relationship, like they ask Questions like what will be the employment level in 5yrs, What products should we be making in 5 yrs, can we open another branch in 5 years

Below are some of the characteristics

  • They are unique and custom made
  • They process external information
  • Focus on Question that will influence the organization for a very long time
  • Have very high analytic capability
  • They allow stimulation, prototyping and modelling
  • Are superior than other systems
  • Have conversational interactive power
  • Employ user friendly interface

Organisational Systems Reccommended Books


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