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Do you know what is an MBA?

Updated on June 10, 2016


Master of Business Administration

In the growing world of professionalism and competition, MBA (Masters in Business Administration) is emerging as the most acclaimed graduate degree all over the world. The degree can help anyone in attaining the best career. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally-acclaimed degree which aims at aspiring the youth to improve his professional skills to have better career opportunities in the fields of business and management. Unlike, the name the field of study is not only beneficial in the business sector but also uplifts the performance in any public sector, government or public institution department in the section of management and human resources. Business management is a growing industry oriented field of study. Any individual who wants to excel in the field of management can opt for this subject.

Types of MBA Programs

The MBA program usually extends into different types. Before seeking the admissions it is important to understand that which type suits your needs. The various types of programs being offered are as follows:

  1. Two Year Full-time program is a standard academic program. This program suits either he fresh students or those who can afford going for a long study leave. Being an intensive programmed requires great deal hard work. Hence, it suits fulltime students.
  2. Part-Time MBA spreads over a period of three to four years. The program suits those who are in a job and prefer part time studies for further academic improvement. The interaction between the students and the teachers is very limited, which incise of regular studies is considered highly beneficial.
  3. One-Year Full Time MBA is more intensive than the regular programs. This is because the students have to cover more in less time.
  4. Executive MBAs is for those who want to improve themselves as the professionals. It is taken up by the professionals who are engrossed in their professional life.
  5. Specialty MBAs facilitates those who want to uplift themselves in a particular field of MBA. The fields of specialisation are human resource management, finances etc.
  6. Online MBAs. Are considered to be timesavers. The program best fits the working class, who can access the classes etc. as per their own ease.

The Curriculum and Courses

MBA programs are the cluster of following courses:

  1. Accounting is the way of communicating the information about the financial matters. MBA program helps to analyse the financial information through reading, interpreting and creating it.
  2. Economics deals in discussing the quality of providing various services. Learning economics can have a wider impact on the business transactions.
  3. Finance is the study of managing the investments
  4. Marketing teaches the skills of communicating with the customers and improving the sales of a product. Currently, the subject includes internet marketing.
  5. Management encompasses all areas dealing with effective leadership, strategic vision, planning, and implementation of plans and strategies. It helps in dealing with managing the human and financial resources.

The other subjects studied include international business and business laws also.


  1. It is a comprehensive study of how to make any business a great success.
  2. The degree sharpens the skills that are universal and can be applicable anytime in the life.
  3. It can help boast your career by presenting several professions in the field of finance, management, marketing etc.


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