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Does IQ (intelligence quotient) really matter without EQ (emotional quotient)?

Updated on August 15, 2012
Stay in the middle and we'll all be fine.
Stay in the middle and we'll all be fine. | Source

What is IQ and EQ?

How important is having a high IQ ( intelligence quotient ) that some people after taking the test fall into depression. Most of the test that are given are standardized test created specifically to determine intelligence. Standard median in the United States is 100, but most fall below the median and the curve comes from the ones scoring above the 130 mark. It isn't rare to have above average, but those that are gifted are much less then what it was in the olden times. Just imagine this, people are barely able to read material gear towards their age, and from research, most are not even able to write a letter correctly.

IQ is something we all know as our intelligence quotient, where we normally depict a person's wits by their IQ. There is something about IQ that we should all know, and that is what we are born with is what we get for life. Our IQ does not change, it will not increase or decrease unless we damage through injury or other causes. So, if you have an IQ of 100 than that will always be. This helps us in connecting points together and determines our ability to learn a new skill. It helps us with reasoning, reading comprehension, mathematical skills, and know how to apply their knowledge to certain situations.

Now EQ (emotional quotient) or EI (emotional intelligence) is not static and this can increase throughout your life. Emotional intelligence is what we would call "common sense". This is the ability to perceive and react according to your feelings, being able to use both your emotional and cognitive abilities in life. Your emotion is part of your ability in being able to resolve problems. The EQ is developed as we learn and grow older unlike IQ. This helps us with our social abilities in adapting to the environment and situation. The EQ involves empathy, resilience, flexibility, creativity, and much more. We identify safety through EQ, when we sense a threat we react emotionally. The amygdala part of the brain helps us in processing our emotional reaction as it scans the moment and stores it. We rely heavily on our EQ and IQ to survive intelligently and emotionally, by scanning for danger and understanding the quickest way to resolve the threat.

Can't we all just get along???
Can't we all just get along??? | Source

Do we work better with both?

EQ plays a heavy role in success in the working world. You can learn fast and be able to solve issues but if you have no social ability, it will hinder any promotions you might have in the future. Understanding how EQ works is very important in being socially successful, it helps build charisma and we all know how critical charisma is in life. Someone that has high emotional intelligence will definitely help in becoming a leader. There are other bases for EQ, which are BQ (body quotient) and MQ (moral quotient). They are both part of the emotion part but is developed separately where one can become better than the other. The BQ and MQ are both self-explanatory, values for showing and feeling are incorporated into one.

IQ with EQ can make a person very successful, but unlike EQ, IQ is not something that can be learn. If EQ is developed correctly it can replace some qualities of IQ's, such as being intuitive is part of EQ and that can be very helpful in quick decision making.

Scoring average on the IQ test should not affect EQ unless you let it, there are many that will say that IQ is not everything and they are right. Having no moral value will make you a much lesser of a person even if you end up being the smartest person.


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    • snoblet profile image

      Dave Rogers 6 years ago from New York

      Trying to see how bad things had changed from 20 years ago till now, last night I was watching kids making so much noise outside the house and some people came out to quiet them down but instead those kids threaten the old couple and I was wondering whatever happened to respecting your elders or just plain common sense, its 2am and they are being noisey without any respect for others.

    • shea duane profile image

      shea duane 6 years ago from new jersey

      i've been a teacher since 1984, and i've seen student records that show IQs of 78 and 125 - for the same student! i've seen contrasts in scores so broad that i can't believe the kids had eyes during one testing. I think IQ testing is interesting, but not a valid instrument for determining actual intelligence. Further, I know students who could achieve high scores, but lacked the ability to predict outcomes in reading or make inferences about characters. what are we really measuring?