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Does Immigration Help/Hurt Economy?

Updated on July 24, 2013

What is Immigration?

Immigration is the action one makes to move into a desired country of choice and to live there permanently. In Canada, Immigration had at least two very large jumps: The first being when the original settlers (Immigrants) came to Canada from Europe. They brought with them many different people who all intended on living permanently. The second jump was in the later years when Upper Canada and Lower Canada still existed and wanted to expand Canada into the west in order to avoid the United States from taking over the west. This meant that Canada sold many land plots for cheap to immigrants in Europe and brought over many other immigrants.

Does Immigration Help or hurt Our Economy?

Immigration in Canada helps our economy because it provides a higher population. A higher population makes all of Canada's cities and towns grow. Immigration also makes Canada a more diverse society, intent upon making each and every person comfortable in where they come from. They also bring new ideas, foods, cultures, and methods. Immigrants come from all over the world in order to live in Canada, making Canada the most diverse by far.

The economy's value increases with how many people buy and sell goods. Therefore, immigrants who move to Canada will buy and sell new goods and add value to the products and services people have.

Is the Government moving For or Against Immigration?

The Canadian government has made it more difficult in order for immigrants to become Canadian Citizens in order to cut down on the amount of people who are not serious about being Canadians. This shows that the government has cut back on how many immigrants they want entering Canada so that they can create a stable economy before offering more immigrants a place to live. They do accept war refugees no matter what though, and they will most likely have another wave of immigrants in a few decades from now. The government is currently trying to retain the population and spread it around the vast land.

Are you from a family which has Immigrated?

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Immigration Benefits Us

Immigration benefits us in many ways. Immigration makes the world a more culturally accepting place, which offers different options and ideas from different perspectives. It offers religious and racial acceptance, as well as new friendships. Immigration also makes more people want to travel in order to experience new places. It brings about new tourism to places such as Lithuania, Germany, Italy, Canada, and many more. Having immigrants from a select country affect which places others want to travel to. It makes our world more accepting, and more understanding.

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    • PositronWildhawk profile image

      PositronWildhawk 4 years ago from London

      Great hub, to be honest I think immigration is usually beneficial for any country. Interesting though what is the general consensus on immigration in Canada? Because in the UK it's perceived very negatively as people think migrants 'take' our jobs, or come to the UK just to claim social benefit (mainly because of negative media coverage). The reality as you've mentioned is rather different, migrants set up businesses and employ people as well as spending and lending - all this benefits the economy.