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Does Planned Parenthood Really Promote Teen S-x?

Updated on February 25, 2012


Do you remember ...... "the Talk" you had with your parents? Well I do the akwardness of hearing about sex from my mother was just plan weird. Thinking of that moment I invite you to reflect on the issue presented below.

Hooking Teens on Sex

"The Event"

Okay, so these video's are highly biased. However, after watching this I was driven to find out more about this powder keg named Planned Parenthood. Let me remind you that this hub is not discussing abortion. It is intended to be a platform for us to learn more about the actions of Planned Parenthood.

"Different is Normal"


So what do you think? Is any side right or wrong? Is this argument that seems to have spanned a generation become less of an issue due to growth of technology and the information age?

Finally, are we really addressing the real problem when it comes to educating our kids about sex?


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    • BeTheMessage1 profile image

      Art Summers 6 years ago from New York


      Your response was refreshingly well written. Your absolutely right concerning t.v. shows as a bigger issue. Anybody can go on line and find whatever they are looking for. However, the t.v./media have a greater control over society as a whole. Again thanks for your post :-)

    • profile image

      Katie 6 years ago

      Planned Parenthood taught me more about my body than my high school health class. I used their website to answer questions and find out more information as to what "virginity" means and reasons behind having sex. In addition to that website I used The information is pretty similar, but no one rags on Teenhealth.

      Knowledge is power. My first semester at college I took "Women's Sexuality" class. My previous celibacy could be attributed to the fact that I never found anyone to date in High school. Women's Sexuality class is what kept me from having sex in college.

      Understanding all the complexities of sex made me wonder if I was really ready. I realized that there was more to sex than the motions; communication, attachment, stds, pregnancy, consent, mistaken consent, motives and more.

      I think that if teens want to have sex, then they will despite anything else. Planned Parenthood is providing the information teens (especially teen girls) need to understand what it is they are looking for, so they avoid sex for the wrong reasons. Also they can have the confidence to assert themselves if they are feeling uncomfortable. Its hard to just say "this is weird" but if you are well versed in the vocabulary of sexuality you are better able to communicate your feelings. Because I was better able to understand my body and my hormones I was able to explain my uncomfortableness when I thought things were moving too fast and I could do it with reasoning in a way that made both of us feel comfortable and respected. (I also lucked out with a super duper partner)

      I think that if people are really concerned with teen sexuality they shouldn't worry about websites with factual knowledge. Abortion aside, Planned Parenthood is a helpful resource for teens. we should worry more about TV shows teens watch like Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, etc. These are the kind of things that made me feel like a "weirdo" in high school for being abstinent. Knowing about sex didn't make me want it, it was not knowing that made me afraid I was missing out.

    • BeTheMessage1 profile image

      Art Summers 6 years ago from New York

      In all honesty you did become a statistic...a good outcome. I have had many "teens" who have faced a much different reality when they went in for a "fix". The thing that makes me think is that you touched on something that I think is the the pre-core of the issue. That is the involvement of parents....would you agree?

    • SmartAndFun profile image

      SmartAndFun 6 years ago from Texas

      Neither of my parents talked to me about sex. At all. They ignored the subject, and instead a boyfriend talked me into sex. Thankfully, the ladies at Planned Parenthood were not to embarrassed to talk to me about sex, and gave me all the knowledge I needed to prevent pregnancy (I was already sexually active by the time I went there). Thanks to Planned Parenthood, whether or not to get an abortion was never a decision I had to make, and I did not become a teenage pregnancy statistic. This was back in the 80s. I can't speak for what they are doing now, but they saved me back then.