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Does Wind Turbines Affect the Health of Your Children?

Updated on April 13, 2015

Experiment With Wind Farms


Science fair projects that deal with the health impacts of wind turbines are very valuable. Students can develop projects easily using data and populations that describe their local area. 

You can also use the results from other people's projects to identify health concerns or solutions for common childhood illnesses such as the common cold and asthma.

Of particular interest now are wind farms. Investigate about the noise level -- the affects on animals and kids. What are the pros and cons of his renewable energy source?

Issues to Research

Renewable energy solar science fair kits are a great place to start learning about the health issues related to energy production. These kits will provide you with tools to experiment with and energy resources to use during your background research.

Background research on health issues related to energy production in general will focus on issues like air pollution, respiratory health concerns, asthma and cancer.

Background research on health issues related specifically to wind turbines will focus on childhood health issues related to air pollution, birth defects and childhood immunity disorders.

Identify Health Topics and Statistics

In order to develop a science fair projects that answers the question, “do wind turbines affect the health of your children?” you will need to establish a baseline of medical knowledge. To do this you will need to collect data on specific health problems that child develop as a result of a factor related to energy production or wind turbines.

For example, wind turbines produces noise from their operation. Since it is known that exposure to certain frequencies of noise can impact hearing health this is a good topic to explore in your science fair project about the effects that wind turbines have on the health of children.

In addition to negative health impacts you can also examine positive health impacts such as how reducing carbon dioxide in the air helps to lower respiratory diseases and illnesses in children.

You can use the Center for Disease Control as a data source on specific health concerns.

Build a Science Fair Project - Health Topics

Collecting data for this type of experiment will involve a few extra steps. Since you will be experimenting with humans you may need to get permission to conduct human experiments, and you may also need parental permission for children to participate in your experiments.

If you have a lot of friends and have a wind farm near your neighborhood then you will not have a hard time finding test subjects. Organize your test subjects based on how far they live from the wind farm, i.e. 1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles….10 miles. This will help you to group your results. Try to get several samples from each distance group. Then average you hearing scores and chart the results.

This graph will help you to visually determine if there is a connection between hearing loss and wind turbine noise exposure.


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