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Dooms Day Clock Worrying.

Updated on February 4, 2016
Nuclear Bomb Exploding.
Nuclear Bomb Exploding. | Source
Cartoon Of Different Humans Around The World Holding Hands In Peace.
Cartoon Of Different Humans Around The World Holding Hands In Peace. | Source
The Planet Earth:  A Precious Jewel In Space.
The Planet Earth: A Precious Jewel In Space. | Source
Putin At Loggerheads With The US.
Putin At Loggerheads With The US. | Source
Obama At Loggerheads With Russia.
Obama At Loggerheads With Russia. | Source

What Does It Mean?

The group of scientists who maintain the dooms day clock are rather worried about the state of the world today that humanity has made it.

Now before I start with the doom and gloom merchanting Lawrence Krauss representing those who work with the clock has said the recent Paris climate accord and the Iran nuclear deal is good news.

However Lawrence Krauss has admitted the human race needs to change the way it behaves on the planet as we are on the verge of possible destruction. Rising tensions between the Americans and Russians and the recent testing of a nuclear device by North Korea and problematical climate change have contributed to the doom day clock being close to midnight.

It seems as humans go about their way on this planet whether it be individuals or governments or even multi - billion Dollar companies it seems for the most part humans either don't care or are totally unaware of our affect on this planet.

Many species today have become extinct or are facing extinction despite the valiant efforts of some people to save them because of human activity on this planet.

Many could dismiss the dooms day clock as just a gimimck but I dont think so these guys handling the clock are scientists and should know what their on about, maybe we had better start listening or else we too will be just a memory just as the dinosaurs are today.

Top Ten Destuction Songs.

Here are a number of songs I have chosen that sum up humankinds predicament.

1) Its The End Of The World As We Know It - REM

2) Two Tribes - Frankie Goes To Hollwood.

3) Two Minutes To Midnight - Iron Maiden.

4) We're On The Road To Nowhere - Talking Heads.

5) In The Year 25/25 - Ian Brown version.

6) War Song - Culture Club.

7) War (What Is It Good For) - Edwin Star.

8) Architecture Of Destruction - Megadeath.

9) Eve Of Destruction - Billy McGuire

10) Eighth Day - Hazel O'Connor

Iron Maiden.
Iron Maiden. | Source
Frankie Goes To Hollywood.
Frankie Goes To Hollywood. | Source


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