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Door Room Bedding, A Few Things Every College Student Wants to Pick

Updated on July 23, 2011

I just recently had a sister return from living out of the country for a couple of years. She moved around quite often and didn’t have very much stuff with her due to moving around often. She said that even taking a comforter and other things around with her was difficult so she kept things simple. She has commented on how fun it was to see the different bedding that her different roommates had. She said that some of them had some really cool bedding. She said that people were really creative with their bedding due to having to move around so often.

Now she is home and gearing up to go back to college in January. It is time to start doing the shopping and start getting ready to go back to college. With the opportunity to start fresh she is making her list of what supplies she needs and is anticipating that she will be getting some of these things for Christmas. When you have just returned from a different country it is amazing what things you need. From a cell phone or some type of communication to door room bedding the list goes on. She has spent several hours looking into the latest and greatest cell phone. She wants all of the fun features to even the internet. She wants a cool phone since she will be in college. That is something she has told us that she will be getting herself since she wants something specific.

One of the other things she has told us that she will be getting herself is her dorm room bedding. Of all of the things that you might think someone going off to college would choose to get for themselves you might not think it would be dorm room bedding, but it is one of the fun things that you want to get that fits your personality. For those of us that are “older” we might not know what the latest and greatest in thing is for colors and style and of course, everyone has their own style.

Besides getting registered for college classes, purchasing her books and picking out her own bedding and cell phone she is also trying to decide whether she is going to stay at home or not. We have teased her that if she stays at home that she doesn’t need door room bedding and that it won’t matter what style she gets. That is not the case. She reminds us that whether she is a dorm room setting or staying at home she will still have friends around and she wants to have the style of dorm room bedding that she likes.

With all of our conversations she has shared that after not having very much stuff over the last couple of years one thing that she looked forward to coming home to was to be able to get things that matched her personality. She has found that she loves certain colors and for her she is into the bright colors. She is enjoying shopping around and looking at all of the options and colors for her dorm room bedding. She said it is amazing to see what options are available in the United States and how different the styles are. It is definitely time for her to let her personality shine through the style of bedding she chooses. With that she has commented on the different things she is looking for in her dorm bedding. With the love of bright colors, but recognizing that it is something she is going to sleep with, she is looking for that perfect combination of bright colors for her bedding. For others they might be thinking that they want something conservative or maybe something in between. Not the bright colors and not too conservative. That is what makes it fun. There are thousands of options and dorm bedding can be one of the fun things you get to pick out as you are getting ready to go off to college.

Not only was she looking forward to coming home and picking out the right colors in her bedding, but she has gained a great appreciation for the comfort of the bedding. As she has been shopping around she has found some dorm bedding that she loves the colors, but hasn’t quite loved the feel of the bedding or sheets. She said that she wants a good balance, but to her it is more important to have a fabric that is comfortable and that she loves to sleep with. She is one that loves the fleece feeling. You know that really soft feeling when you get into bed. She isn’t a big fan of climbing into bed and having the comforter or the sheets feel so stiff that you can’t roll up in them.

The great thing about dorm room bedding is that there is something for everyone. You might not be one that is looking for that really soft feeling. You might be one that likes that stiff feeling with that crisp feel. Then there are those that love more of a silk or polyester feel. Everyone has their own preferences of what type of fabric they are looking for, but when you are exhausted at college and are getting ready to go to bed you want to know that you are climbing into whatever gives you comfort and will help you get a good nights rest.

When you are off to college there are so many things that aren’t your personality or aren’t up to you. You might not even really have much of a choice with the classes you are going to take. You can choose the degree you want to earn, but now you have to take certain classes. If you are staying in a dorm room you end up with what is available in the dorm room, but one thing that is in your control is the dorm room bedding. You can make it your personality with the colors and the fabric you love the most. This will help you sleep the best at night.


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