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Dreaming About Your Love & Lover: Dreams Explanations & Meanings

Updated on January 9, 2015 | Source

To Dream About Your Love

My mom has been always telling me that when you want to tell your dream to someone, tell it to someone whom you trust and who might have a good knowledge in these things because any explanation can affect your states or beliefs or the ways you live or think or hope thus affecting the effects or the signs that the dream gives, so make sure not to tell your dream to anyone or at least ask for explanation from someone who you think doesn't have any expertise with these psychological sciences, to make my point more straight I'll be giving an example.

For example, you've dreamed about death and you just asked for explanation about this from someone called A, now let's say that A has told you that dreaming about death indicates a bad luck or something related, this explanation would probably get into you even if you don't think you are but it does actually and unconsciously in your sub-conscious mind and this effect might take control of your feelings, beliefs, hopes and more and it might make you have a negative outlook for something thus creating and making this real.

I hope you take everything into consideration and also make sure to check out the other articles I've written about this subject, there are some notes that you have to take into consideration before fully understanding and explaining your dream. | Source

Dreaming About Your Love - Situations And Meanings

-If you dream that you're with your lover on the roof of a building or a house or anything related and if you see this happening at day light - not night or in the darkness - it means: You might think about travelling or someone from your contacts might travel, it also indicates a successful plan or mission or work or adventure or job or something.

-If you dream about calling your lover's name or if you talk to him/her or hear his/her voice without talking to her, it means that you might have a discussion about a problem and solve it after suffering or going into a lot of thing through it, it can also means that you might be hearing good news about your personal life or work or school or university.

- If you dream about hearing your lover's voice without being able to talk to him/her or without talking in general, it means the opposite of what's mentioned above.

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