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Dreams About Love & Lovers: Explanations & Meanings - Last part

Updated on February 13, 2015 | Source

Lovers & Love: Dreams Explanation

I did not expect to have about 5 parts of the dreams explanation about love and lovers but anyway, here's the last part of this and I hope you find what you're searching for.

In case you've reached this page without getting directed to it by my previous articles about this topic, make sure to check out these articles that have more situations and images to explain about your dreams of your lover ( gf or bf ).

Now, Let's Mention The Meanings Of Other Experiences, Images & Situations

-If you dream that your bf/gf have visited you, it means that you will be getting a delightful date with him/her in reality and if you see yourself that you're the one who have visited your bf/gf in the dream then it means the opposite and it also has a sign that would try to warn you from getting wrong positive expectations from your lover - probably because of breaking a promise or a word or something related -

-If you dream about being with your gf/bf on a boat/ship or anything related, it means that you have to be careful in reality from doing things that would upset your lover or from doing a dangerous sexual intercourse that will give you many troubles and problems or the dream would just be warning you about not attempting to cheat or do something that's related.

-If you dream about seeing high and strong waves done by a river or a sea or an ocean while being on a ship/boat that's getting moved by these waves with your lover, it means that you might live some serious bad experiences and issues or you'll be causing a problem or getting involved in one and what's related so be careful and think twice before you act. | Source


- If you dream that your relationship with your love is getting stronger and more intimate, it means that you might be doing some stupid actions which will make you have some regrets about and make others get disappointed of you, it also means that you will be having some stubbornness states and this would probably get you into some disagreements and issues.

-If you dream about meeting your ex bf/gf: You will be reconnecting with a good friend of yours, you'll have the emotional support of a friend who would listen to all of your complaints and issues and try to help you and ease things for you.

- If you dream about being with your gf/bf for a special occasion that he/she has done for you - and if things are cool and it quietness fills the room - it means that you will be having an approval for something or you'll be finding a lost thing or getting a relationship back or a friend. If the room don't seem to be quiet, it means the opposite.

-If you dream about getting a ring as a gift from your love, it indicates: disappointment, stress, troubles or jealousy - if you notice that the ring is designed with Gemstones - then the dream has positive news for you about regained hope, happiness and liberation from stress and problems.

There are many other situations and scenes but I hope you find these helpful for now.

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