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Drivers Test – All the Tips You Need to Pass the Driver’s Test in the Attempt One!

Updated on October 28, 2009

All the good reasons to having a driver’s license

There is no harm in telling that possessing a driver’s license is fun. Possessing a driving license gives you the freedom of driving the car around on your own. Your dependence on a second person to moving around would become a thing of the past. A driver’s license is also an important identity document. Have you been pondering on how to get hold of a driver’s license? Well, you need to be grown enough to legally possess one and you should clear a driver’s test. It is as simple as that!

First things first

Preparing for the driver’s test starts with identifying a driving instructor authorized to train you to drive. Talking to friends could lead you to a good driving instructor. Identifying a driving instructor through references is the best bet. Once you start driving training under the guidance of the driving instructor, you should start your preparations for passing the driver’s theory test as well. Instructions to clearing the theory test can be obtained from the driving instructor as well. The training for the theory test goes hand in hand with the actual driving training. The things you learn during the actual driving will help you get a grasp on the facts you read about. Applying the things you learnt in the training materials to the actual driving will make you a better and safe driver.

Reading the handbook gives you an idea of the rules of the road. Every good driver needs to be well versed in the rules of the road. This is also necessary to pass the driver’s theory test.

Driver’s theory test

Passing the theory test is mandatory before you could think of taking up the practical driving test. It is only after you clear both the tests that you would receive the driving license.

The driver’s test could become a burden if unprepared. If you had started training for the theory test whilst training actual driving things would be a lot easier. The driver’s theory test is composed of two parts. The first part is made up of multiple-choice questions and the second part is made up of the Hazard Perception test. A pass in both the parts is a must to clear the driver’s theory test.

The first part of the test involves answering some 50 questions, 43 is the pass mark for this test.

The second part has some 14 video clips shown, each clip being a minute long. The clips do not have sound. Up to 15 hazardous situations need to be figured out from viewing the clips and responded to in a timely fashion. The faster you respond by clicking the mouse to an unfolding hazard, the more marks you score. Each hazard could help you score up to 5 marks.

Practical driving test

You could book a practical test only after clearing the driver’s theory test. The practical test may last for about 40 minutes and you should complete a set of maneuvers. Minor mistakes up to 15 nos. may be ignored but one major error or mistake could fail you in the test.

Training materials

Tons of training materials both in book and CD format is available to get you prepared for the driver’s test. An updated copy of the Highway Code in your possession is also a must. Highway Code though it tells you the law is does not give you reasons to properly understand the law. The reasons need to be understood with aid from the training materials.


Be relaxed and suitably rested on the day of the tests. Arrive before time with all relevant documents. The more relaxed you are the more the probability of you passing the test. Relax and face the test and become licensed to drive!


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